Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Funky: Brittany Paige

Hearing the word "Funky" makes me think of disco balls, crazy lights and fun outfits. I was at the Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas. There is an entire hall way of pillars made out of mirrors with light designs in them. This has the feel of a funky disco to me.

Funky- Crystal Petrella

"I always seen myself as sort of this funky, electic artist" Suzy Bogguss

Artist are very funky and electic in just their style and with the things that they collect. Most of us don't want to admit that we shop at thrift store to find that funky and electic item. Don't be afraid to create your own style, the funkier the better.

Funky : Maurice Anderson

When you think funky do you think of a happy time or do you think of a smell that you only dread. When i think of that word i start to think about laundry day and all the stuff i have to sort through. From the darks to the lights to the things i have to throw bleach on. There is nothing more funky than the stench of smelly socks on a hot day , or the sour smell of some wet towels that i have been sitting in the corner of the bedroom that you forgot about. 

Jacques Badon

Is funk dead?  Or is it a living creature?  I don't know much about funk, nor do I really care.  But if you dress someone up like this... give em some roller skates and a disco ball... and then send them down Colfax... car accidents will happen.  All I know is funk can be dangerous.

Jacques Badon
Punching Mirrors
Last week I got news from back home in Louisiana that a very dear friend to my two younger brothers and I had passed away, very tragically, from a drug overdose.  He was like my third younger brother, and they all looked up to my friends and I (scary thought).  Ten years ago I moved here from Louisiana to get away from that shit, because I could see what it was doing to all of my friends.  For some reason, down there it was easier for teens to get pills than it was to get alcohol.  Pretty soon, this same sort of thing was happening within thousands of different circles of friends throughout the South.  In ten years I've lost more friends to this same disease than I care to mention or think about.  I couldn't make it to the funeral to pay my last respects, because I was dealing with my own problems here in Colorado, so I ended up just losing my shit in my own house, the day they were putting my boy in the ground.  When things like this happen, I usually punch doors off hinges,  or holes through walls, but on this particular day, I was more angry at the person I saw in the mirror.  For the first time ever I hated myself for just walking away from all those I cared about who were falling victim to this.  It also really opened my eyes to everything that's been going on in my own life for the past year.  "And the cracks began to show..." -Flux P.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Heather Zindars: FUNK

 Funk displays itself in many different forms.  This structure in the Denver Art District is funky, but also considered art.   I considered it to be a perfect place to display this funky fashion, modeled by Joshua Marable, put together from the stylish consignment shop, The Buffalo Exchange.  Each piece was carefully selected to showcase a popular style from the 80's.   Joshua successfully pulls off the funky fashion of that time period that oftentimes peeks its funky head out in current styles.  Don't forget....we all have a little FUNK in us, and its alright.



Mariah Mata: Funky

        I feel Funky was most embraced in the 1980‘s with vibrant neon colors and wild hair. I wanted to show how times change, but classic styles always come back. This character is letting out her true self for the photographer, from the big hair to the funky blue mustache. She is embracing her silly side, her love of bright colors, and her individuality. She is comfortable with showing her true colors. 

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Justin Stapp: Funky

I think artists sometimes get so caught up in their own medium, and own work that they often at times lose sight of the art community as a whole.  I know for myself my dear friend who does awesome make up, sure he is still learning and might have a long way to go...but who can say they have achieved artist nirvana? I realized after watching him apply makeup for a shoot we were collaborating on just why you should call someone a makeup artist. After we finished the shoot I asked him if he could do something "Funky" for me, he came up with this in about 5 minutes just playing around.  Realization: think of everyone as an artist in the work they do, sure they might not do the same kind of artwork you do, but someone's passion is most probably always art in its own right.

Funky: Moriah Gallagher

Funky is a very broad term that means different things for different people.
For some, it is a music genre from the 1960s.Likewise, it could be seen as a fashion statement that was either popular in the same time frame or even a more modern version.
Since the age of five (when I accidentally drank old milk), it has had only one meaning to me, and that is the most literal definition: moldy.  Mold makes any food dangerous to eat, so that instead of provided nourishment, it now is a threat in itself.  Not only is that warped enough to be "funky", but the smell is horrible enough that even an image like this one could bring that remembered scent resurface.

Funky: Christine Saler

Add some funk to your style with these cool funky hemp bracelets. They're cheap and easy to make and are fun to wear. It's a great pass time for mothers and daughters. They're great to give as gifts for all of your friends and family. All you need are beads of your choice and a ball of hemp string. Check out Hemp Jewelry for more ideas and how to make your own.


Funky: Devin Swift

          What is going on? Is that real? Why? What am I on? This is the reactions I like to get when something is really funky. I love to get the feeling of another demotion. That is how I can tell if it is truly funky. All the different colors, patterns, and textures normally would not work but for funky, its perfect.

Devin Swift

Funky: Emily Booze`

  Long exposures have always interested me. They are cool and a little funky. It seems to always be a challenge to make a design with a small light in the dark.
  I love the fact that photography literally means drawing with light. Sometimes you can spend hours in the dark with a light and a camera and not even realize it. www.beyondmegapixels.com

Funky: George Ferris

           The origins of the United State's pop art movement are based on the 'impersonal' and the 'mundane' of living in the American culture of the 1950s and 1960s.  Pop art also had its hands in appropriation: most artists labeled it as a way to create the 'mass-production' feel of popular culture in America.  My image was influenced most by Roy Lichtenstein, whose art was aesthetically based off of the halftone printing of comics.  The Tate Modern, London, has many of Lichtenstein's work on display.  You should check out his most known piece, 'Whaaam!'

Photographer, cyclist, dog lover (in no particular order.) Let’s chat.

Funky: Bianca Bourgeois

When describing the term funky, things come to mind, such as music, bright colors, and soul. While walking down West Colfax, I noticed that the Hispanic culture tended to grow, and it wasn't until I reached an abandoned building and noticed bright and "groovy" colors painted on the side of the building. I was curious what the painting depicted, more specifically who it depicted. I thought the colors were beautiful and radiated a certain kind of soul. I asked a gentleman that owned a pawn shop next door, and he told me that it was created in 1995 in memory of Tejano singer, Selena Quintanilla. 
Her history as a musician is fascinating, and if you have never heard her music listen to her version of The Hustle.

©Bianca Bourgeois

Funky: Cynthia Repasy

     Did you know that Chinese culture believes that a pinwheel is meant to "turn one's luck around?"  It is seen as an intrument to turn obstacles into opportunties.  The Chinese culture primarily uses the pinwheels during their New Year celebrations.  The intent is to bring the owner good luck, longevity, health and prosperity for the new year.

     Pinwheels can be found all over the world and have for the most part, retained their simplistic shape from culture to culture.  The symbolism of such a simple piece is quite diverse.  To some, it represents childhood innocence, while to others it can be viewed as unseen energy, wish fullfillment, or even take on a more spiritual meaning.

     When I see pinwheels, it brings me back to my childhood days.  I used to fight with my brother over who had the fastest spinning one.  Next time you see a pinwheel, what will it remind you of?

    For infomation on how to create your own pinwheel and see who's spins the fastest, please visit Make A Pinwheel

Cynthia Repasy

Funky: Danielle Saler


When most think of funk, music comes to mind. When I think of funky music, James Brown's Gonna Have a Funky Good Time comes to mind. I always place images and shapes with melodies and sounds when listening to music. Music inspires the way I frame a scene. Being able to tell a story in one frame is just as hard as conveying emotion and feelings in a three minute song. Everyone's interpretation of FUNKY is always going to be different. I challenge you to find your funk.


Funky: Chandler Kim

What is more funky than some fun-keys?! Lately I have been pushing myself to be more conceptual with my work, so when the theme of Funky was chosen I was determined to take the funk to the next level. I associate fun, groovy colors and of course music with the word funk, so incorporating all these elements was important. When I found these great key covers at Urban Outfitters, the idea of Fun-keys came to me! Check out this link Key Cabin to see more clever ways to keep your keys funky fresh!
©Chandler Kim Photography 2012


Funky: Andrea Frase

Lava Lamps are known for their funky side; colors, both inside and out, the effect, calmness of just watching the "lava" pass through the glass. All of the effects and then adding the black light gives it a new environment that anyone can enjoy. That party atmosphere is a great way to bring out your funky side and show your friends your new toys.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Funky: Brandon Sanchez

©Brandon N. Sanchez

If there's any message to my work, it is ultimately that it's OK to be different, that it's good to be different, that we should question ourselves before we pass judgment on someone who looks different, behaves different, talks different, is a different color." Johnny Depp

A few days ago before posting this shot I was walking around Civic Center Park in Denver, CO and watched as people gathered to celebrate 420. Many wearing the funky traditional tie dye shirts and rastafarian head gear. Colorado became one of 17 states in 2010 to legalize marijuana and allow citizens to celebrate inebriated; Denver Post Story.

Another link to check out if your interested: Rastafarian Head Gear

Funky: Rebekah McDaniel

         Every family should have a pet and one of the most common family pets today are dogs. When it comes to choosing the perfect breed, you can find yourself overwhelmed with hundreds of different choices to choose from. Ranging from small to large, skinny to husky, short hair or long hair, the options are endless. So when it comes to choosing a breed not only do you need to consider your family’s lifestyle, but consider the breeds IQ as well.
  Even though looking at your family’s lifestyle is a good start. Checking the history and behavioral charts for a breeds is also recommended. You want to know if they are easy to train, how much they shed, are they good with kids, and how much energy and attention they need....these are all excellent questions to ask when asking yourself what type of dog is right for you.