Monday, April 23, 2012

Funky: Christine Saler

Add some funk to your style with these cool funky hemp bracelets. They're cheap and easy to make and are fun to wear. It's a great pass time for mothers and daughters. They're great to give as gifts for all of your friends and family. All you need are beads of your choice and a ball of hemp string. Check out Hemp Jewelry for more ideas and how to make your own.



  1. This is a nice straight product shot, so kudos to that. I think though it could have been cooler if it had been shot with more of the demographic of who would buy this in mind as well as the whole "funky" theme. Maybe a super wide angle and some more dramatic lighting instead of just the catalog lighting? Like I said super clean product shot, but maybe push more toward the funky side of things.

  2. Very clean shot. The pops of color in the beads and buttons are very nice. But i have to agree with Justin, i get how Hemp jewelry is funky but the image does not show it. I don't really know how you can make it more funky but play with it and you will find something cool. But overall very nice shot.