Monday, March 7, 2011

Energy - Ariel Elich

Going along with my theme from last week-

For a society to function it needs a source of energy, we must find a way to make our push button society possible, and a way to make all our commodities work. This societal energy, at present, comes form oil. We gain access to this oil through the use of an oil drill. For this concept I chose to go with a more physical interpretation of the idea of societal energy. I asked myself; what is the thing that makes this all possible? Where does it start? I don’t know that I can fully answer that question but one starting place is the oil drill itself. It is where we first make contact with this sought after substance, it is where the chain of events begins.


Energy... Energy is all around us; all the time. We as humans are made up of energy. Although many forms energy you can't see, light is one of the forms of energy you can see, and be touched by.

Energy - Junior Robles

Are you tired? Are random thoughts keeping you up all night? More importantly, have you ever wondered why people drink Red Bull? I'm sure you have. Red Bull energy drinks give bursts of energy for those who are in desperate need of some serious energy during those sleepless nights, high levels of exertion, or just plain stress. Red Bull's, "drug of choice", (to get you hooked or amino-acid) is essentially Taurine, but others may think otherwise. You see, certain levels of Taurine exist in our bodies, when our bodies run out of energy, our body's ability to create Taurine decreases and drinking Red Bull will help solve that problem... Whatever the case, the truth is Red Bull energy drinks will have your five human senses feeling alert.

Lightly carbonated. Serve Chilled.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Thomas Edison once said, "I love electricity," and I must say, I agree. I also love electricity; and energy. Edison hates energy compared to how much I love it. No contest.

Drew Lundquist BLOG

Energy - Justin Wilhelm

Energy. Some times you got it, some times you ain't. Other times you think you got it and then come to the realization the next morning that your gettin' old... ugh, time for a drink.

Justin Wilhelm

Energy - Beäte Burgess

Energizing an electrical circuit with current is to produce the capacity to do work.
Our everyday lives are bountiful with sources of energy; both the natural and the created.
Humans have set ourselves apart, in part because of our ability to hone energy and it's power for our own needs.