Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Seasonal: Red

I enjoy shooting landscapes that are unique and out of the norm. As I was driving I noticed this old barn in the distance. It was a journey finding a path to get to it, and the journey continues. Every season has a unique feel to it, this image provides the feeling of summer. I chose to post this image because I want everyone to see the beauty of summer before the snow comes.

Red:Clint Kaiser

This image is out of the usual for what I enjoy shooting but I had fun with it. The dried roses creates a dramatic effect to the feeling of the picture, which I feel brings more of an audience.

pleasure spiked with pain

I wanted to do a visual representation of pleasure being spiked with pain. It seems everything that's enjoyable in life comes with a price. Also an excuse to play around a bit with fake blood.


       Hi my name is Lizzy and i'm really excited to start up my first blog! Right now I'm working on my food photography so this is one of the latest ones that i'll put in my portfolio. As i continue to make images, i find myself getting better and better and this one I am particularly proud of. Please let me know what you think as I have other shots that others may end up liking better!


Red-Jeff Sipes

Red is a fun color and one of my favorite colors.  I went driving around and I found this wonderful playground.  What is more fun than a playground set?  There are some very nice colors in this and it is a fun photograph.  This photo would make any child want to come and play here.    

Monday, October 11, 2010


When I think of red... I think seduction, love, pain, passion, so many words come to mind. I created a photo that captures the essence of how red makes me feel.

Red: AMM

The concept for this photograph is the color red. I wanted to portray lipstick that is so sexy you would want to kiss yourself.

Red: Candice Swanson

While driving down a dirt road I spotted this red stagecoach just sitting there waiting to have it's picture taken. The rain clouds had stopped pouring long enough for me to take this picture. I love taking pictures of old buildings and about any thing that is old and interesting so this stagecoach was just up my ally.

Red: Christina Kissel

Nobody can deny that vibrant red lipstick was a major fad for women in the 90's. I watched my Mom wear it every day, and I couldn't wait until the day I got to wear it, there were even days I would sneak into my Mom's makeup bag and smear it all over my face. Unfortunately I do not have a digital copy of this evidence. Regardless red lipstick is the first thing that came to mind when we decided on the color red for this assignment. Maybe someday I will have a reason to wear bright red lipstick to fulfill the inner childhood dream of mine. Emily Schulte was my beautiful model for this photograph.

The one with: The Mysteries Woman. (MacKenzie B.)

     Every human being wears a mask of some kind to protect themselves. From love, hatred, happiness, sadness, or just what they truly want but can never seem to grasp.
    I wanted to make a visual representation of what we all hide behind. I saw this mask hiding in the corner of the shop, it was barley visible. The red immediately caught my eye.And I knew that it would make my shot. But it made me wonder why did this one color make me think of love, hate, happiness, and sadness?

MacKenzie B


rEd!!!!: Anthony S. Archuleta

As an aspiring fashion photographer, I sometimes take my ideas very literal. When given the assignment of incorporating the color red in my work, I gave it to you in 56 different languages. At times we think of "RED" to be a color of anger but here I represent it in beauty around the world.

Model: Michelle

RED: Sharon Arnoldi

Red: Drama, Prominence, Beauty, Sexy - so many ideas for how to depict the color. This past week I drove to Houston for a wedding shoot. I wanted my red themed photograph to be something I found in an abandoned building in Texas. This set of red lockers was found in an abandoned meat house. The lockers were backlit from an open garage door and I used a large white door to help reflect light back into the scene. I love the grungy feel and how the red lockers really stand out against the background. - Sharon Arnoldi

RED: Raydene Salinas

When I thought of RED, lipstick immediately came to mind. I decided to create a romanticized, feminine version of 1920's Al Capone with the fedora, featuring a deep red lip. The most dramatic images of the mob boss were side lit, so I used a similar style with dramatic shadows over the majority of Sarah's face, forcing the viewer to focus on the red lips of the model.

Credits: Sarah E. (model)

Red: Cameron Dabney

I don't know what it is about the color red that makes things so interesting. If I am walking down the street and see an old red door or a cool old red house, I will always stop and look. The color is just so vibrant and it makes such a statement that it is hard to not find more character in something red than in any other color. This building caught my eye because it has so many red objects, all with different "ages, " a shiny red motorcycle, a simple red hose, and an old peeling building. They are all such simple things that may be boring to some people but to me they stand out and are so interesting all because they are the color red. Its amazing that something as simple as a color can create a whole different feeling about an object.
I love the feeling of an amusement park! There are so many colors, people are happy... most of the time, and there is nothing like the high pitched screams of people as they zip above you on a roller coaster. It seems that no matter what, everyone is having a good time. You can go there and become a child again. No need to worry about the problems you may be having at that time. For me, it is one that I can go and leave my problems behind for a day.