Monday, August 29, 2011

Fusion by Nicole Marcelli

The fusion between life and death the here and now. What lies beyond this world? I guess we will all find out eventually, but for now we should celebrate life and what we have. Life is short make the most of it.

Nicole Marcelli

Denver Based Photographer


Fusion by Myles Hessling

He purchased the Game Boy at a garage sale, one that the old grey haired women was having down the street. He found it, buried beneath a stack of cassettes and VCR parts, completely forgotten. It didn't work, it probably just needed batteries he thought to himself. As the boy walked home he carried it in his hands, treasuring his find which he had stolen from the old lady for only a dollar. It felt strangely heavy. When he got home, he sat in his chair feeling the old buttons and thumbing the switch. Suddenly, it seemed to turn on of its own will. The red light began to glow, and text slow began typing on the screen, yet there was no cartridge in the game or batteries in the back. The boy tried to throw the machine down, but he couldn't. The device had already fused to his hands. By the time he realized what was happening, it was too late. The device that had waited so patiently, so quietly, for so many years. It had finally found its first victim...

Fusion - Danielle Mondragon

There is a building on 38th and Walnut that has been set on fire. Twice. Despite both of the blazes that were set the building still stands tall. It is a sort of eerie piece of art work with graffiti lined on the inside and outside walls, an open air ceiling with parts of walls still attached. While taking a walk I noticed a sticker on the light post. It created a fusion of ideas in my head that I haven't been able to get out. The building for me represents the idea of art and its impact upon my life. While the building has been set ablaze, it still remains to stand. Art for me is a journey that I hope to continue to pursue with a fiery passion and through the ups and downs, I hope that the fire within me doesn't burn itself out.

Danielle Mondragon

Fusion - Blair Bost

This is what happens when I "fuse" together my love for photo editing, a few of my pets, my favorite place to be, and a bit of surrealism.
According to me, fusion means connecting, or joining things together to create one, which is a recipe for blending images.

This photo "fusion" is a total of 8 photographs, most of which are pieces of something in this world I adore. What does this probably say about me? That I live in wonderland, of course.

Blair Bost

Fusion : Audree Valdez

Definitely not the best work of art, but I at least had a little bit of fun creating "fusion".

Fusion: The union or blending together of things, as, melted together. I dont think I could have been more literal when I decided to take four crayons and "fuse" them together in the microwave. At least something cool came out of it.

When I look at this image it reminds me of what the world would look like from space, only a little bit more colorful.

Fusion: Geoff Ridenour

I shoot both film and digital; from 35mm to large format 8x10 and from the iPhone 4 to medium format digital backs. However, it is where these two technologies meet that I have been focusing my personal work. The following photograph is part of an upcoming series exploring digital media captured and edited with the iPhone 4 then printed using the 19th century dry plate tintype process. I am shooting over the next two weeks and plan to start the darkroom work within the month.

Edited with possibly the best photo editing software for iOS Camera+

Geoff Ridenour
Colorado Based Commercial, Documentary Travel and Fine Art Photographer

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fusion: Annie Bade

As part of my studies in the art/science of mediation, I explored the ancient symbol of Vesica Piscis, which comes to mind as I entertain the concept of fusion.

When two distinct entities come together, even in opposition, and offer to share parts of themselves in union, a third or unique entity is evolved into being. I believe this to be the very essence of successful mediation. Likewise, when two parties who hold different beliefs, goals or realities come together and give space for their differences to “fuse”, the polarity is diminished and a new reality of unity can be attained. I am imagining how useful this concept might be to Congress about now.

I specifically chose these colors when creating this photo in order to represent the dualistic nature of our left-wing, blue Democratic views and the right-wing, red Republican views. Interesting that purple, the color created when fusing red and blue, is associated with higher levels of spiritual consciousness.