Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mechanical: Jazzmin Windey

Hearts aren't mechanical they are organic.  This heart however is made from a computer chip.  It allows technology and fashion to become a cohesive piece.

Mechanical: AJ Anderson

Tittle: Senior Picture, Year 2152

   In the year 2152 it is a law for all cyborgs to show at least 1/4 of their face, so that everyone knows if they are a robot or a human. This makes a normal school portrait, not so normal....

Mechanical: Macklberg

When you were a kid did you ever spend a saturday morning building something because the weather was too bad to go out into.  Building an item from strach is fun.  Watching it unfold right before your eyes. Then seeing it work makes you day.  I think building something is very satisfying.