Saturday, December 4, 2010

Light: Sharon Arnoldi

 Without light there is darkness.  Our lives are driven by light and as a photographer its our job to capture it.  I have been on a new kick lately for shadows.  I think that shadows are fun and as a little girl (really little!) I used to think of my shadow as my best friend. We were attached at the toes and would go everywhere together.  Its interesting how shadows can help transform an everyday parking garage into something amazing.  I just love how the shadows repeat the lines in the roof of the garage.

Light:Clint Kaiser

When thinking of "light" and how it can be viewed I imagine the night time and how it can be turned into a day time setting but still have the feel of the dark. Trees are a perfect example of this, they look completely different during every season of the year.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Death: Kelsey Hansen

I thought a little about what I could shoot with the topic of "death". It seemed simple with the time of year that we are in, and the plants and trees dying. But I was looking for something that maybe didn't scream death right away. I was walking in Longmont, CO and shooting an old building when I cam across this old Times-Call laying in the dirt. It was worn, read and beaten up. It was just what I was looking for to complete this post. Newspapers are slowly dying in this world of technology that we live in. Now that everything is at our fingertips on the internet, the printing of papers is slowly dying, or so it seems to me.

Sound - Lizzy Flowers

This is Peirsen. He's a 15 year old Yellow Lab who's almost completely blind and deaf. He can see vague shapes and hear you only if you're loud enough. And for a week I was a guest in his household. And as I'm sure that I appeared only as a tall form of a strange smelling stranger, I was barked at almost constantly. Nothing would stop it. Not even food. It won't be long before It stops haunting me in my dreams!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sound: Christina Kissel

SWISH! Everyone knows the sound a basketball makes when a player makes that "perfect" basket, usually followed by some taunting and celebrating from the player that made the shot, and an eruption of cheering from the crowd. I could have chosen a photo of a player yelling, or grunting to show sound but I felt this is a sound many people can relate to. Even though I never played basketball I do find the swish of a basketball somewhat soothing, especially when the gym is silent and all you hear is the swish of the basket.