Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Personal Space on a light rail is always limited and you never no who your going to be sitting next to. Space is such a huge thing in our culture and public transportation really pushes those lines and limits for people.

concept: personal space.

Through this concept of "personal space," I focus on an environment that we are surrounded in combined with an attitude of existing within that space. 
Whenever this term is used, most often it is negative and we use the phrase to describe how we need privacy. However, I wanted the image to focus on the positive and show a comfortable attitude confined within an overpowering location.

Personal Space

When I think of the term "personal space," I'm quickly reminded of the term "my bubble." For instance, if someone is invading your personal space, you may have told them to step out of your "bubble" or vice verse. After being given this concept, I thought of this image that I had taken a few weeks back and realized that it worked for the assignment. In this photo, the model is all alone in a cement tube - one used for construction for water, sewage, etc. This circular formation around him is interpreted, to me, as the metaphorical "bubble" that we all have around us, when referring to "personal space."

Personal space

Constantly restless and bored, personal space as far as I am concerned is always in motion. For the past week I have been on the road from Denver to Chicago to Milwaukee to Champagne and back to Denver. Armed with nothing more than a backpack full of clothes, just enough cash to make it to Chicago, a pack of camel lights and tunes by Neil Young I departed Denver. Sleeping on friend's (and friendly stranger's) couches left me with very little privacy. No matter, this car has taken me all corners of the country and feels more like home than any apartment or house.

Personal Space - Jill P. Mott

The view from my 4th floor room at Comfort Inn off 58th and I-25 in Denver, Co. The room I call home every Monday night is far from personal in fact there are another 200 rooms exactly like it (including the bed spread you want to make sure doesn’t touch your face.
    The space is mine for a few hours a week. My belongings tossed all over the room without the worry of little hands getting into things or big voices asking me to put it away, “please'. I work on the computer and watch TV without the guilt of the chore list running through my head.  I sleep deep at first but then I am often woken up by the something of not knowing where I am.

Personal Space - Mike Maez

This is personal space on many levels. First, it is a bedroom, which is often very personal and very private space for most people. Then there are the jeans which, when wore in, become very personalized. Next, there is the underwear which is definitely a personal space for your "junk". Lastly, there are the condoms which are the most personal you can get with another person and still be sectioned off into your own space.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Personal Space

My studio is one of my favorite personal spaces because it is a fluid environment that is always changing and evolving. It is a creative space that I share with others as well as a personal space that I enjoy alone. My concept image reflects how I perceive this space: as a jumble of past states. Physically it is defined by the walls that confine it, but in my mind it is dimensionless and is defined by what has gone on inside. It is a space that can be physically moved without losing its continuity.

Personal Space

“Space” is the key word! We all have a specific amount “space” we are comfortable in. No one will ever be able to fully understand the limits of ones preference, and we have all the control of protecting our “space” and allowing the entrance of any species. We just have to watch and learn.

Personal Space

Right now my "Personal Space" is my bedroom. It is where I try to get away from everone and everything, even though I fail sometimes. It is "my" space, I can do with it what I want and not have to care what others think. I am still defining my personal space since my divorce in 2008, but it is getting there. I am also still setting up my personal space since my move last month.

Personal Space by Josie Lam

I wanted to convey the idea that (as everyone knows) that some people out there do not like being touched or being too close to another person; having a personal bubble.

And there are other people that do not have that issue and in fact, enjoy messing with those who have a personal bubble.

Hence, this photograph came about.

Personal Space

When I think of personal space I am reminded of my childhood and attending summer camp. I remember the counselors telling us over and over again about the 6 inch rule. No touching, no fighting, no coming within 6 inches of one another (especially the opposite sex). I'm not sure how many of us abided by it, but what are rules if you can't break them...