Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cam Parsons - Shadow

I have always royally sucked at anything athletic, but nothing makes me more pumped in the winter months than basketball season. The sweat, determination, and drama are always a great way to pull me away from the bitter winter weather.

Check out this sweet highlight reel of Sprite's Slam Dunk Contest.

Shadows: Christi Bode

Welcome to the dark side of Human Resources: drug testing.  It’s all fun and games until HR hands you a clear plastic cup. Go ahead and give us your excuses for smelling like Domestic Don Juan.

"I ate 3 dozen poppyseed bagels this morning."
"I washed my clothes in the latest eco-friendly laundry detergent."
"My friend pushed me into a big bush of pot."

As the number of medical marijauna users in Colorado is rising exponentially, this is leaving employers dazed and confused.  Generally, it has been presumed that employers can fire workers for using, medicinally or not.  Until the state law is settled, former employees are not protected constitutionally under federal guidelines and will most likely lose an unemployment claim. Please refer to page 8 of your Company Handbook.    


Corporate Christi

Shadow: Thomas Palos

As the morning sun light comes blasting threw the tress and into the window it makes shadows in certain areas on the floor, allowing the sun to warm up the other spots like a pan on a stove. Felix Jones tries to get out of the shadows, but he doesn't mind and just lays down anyways to warm his fur up. Jones comes and lays in this spot every morning before he goes and sleeps for hours. 

What a life...

Ashley Ecklund: Shadow

Street photography can be so interesting. The smallest details really inspire me personally. Especially midday, when the shadows vary so much because of reflections and refractions caused by buildings.  The way shadows fade oddly, in a way that wouldn't be possible in direct sunlight. 

Shadow- Michelle McClelland Post

  Deep down within the darkest parts of my soul lies the shadows of doubts, despair, and fear always seemingly louder with every passing day; and at those moments when it seems too much to bare it's just easiest to rip them away

Shadow: Anna Keiser

What is a silhouette but a shadow that is coming forth? Both shadows and silhouettes alike are intangible. You can only touch the surface of them. While these shadows are standing and facing you, it's not the shadows that are the subject, rather, it's the light creating them.

Shadows: Kevin Reeve

Bourbon shadows. ©Kevin Reeve

“There's no app for a Bourbon buzz on a warm day in a cool, dark bar. The world will always want a drink.”
-Gillian Flynn

There is an allure to Bourbon that doesn't exist in other whiskeys. Don’t get me wrong, I love Scotch whiskey, Irish whiskey, Canadian whiskey, Tennessee whiskey, blended and single barrel whiskeys. Get it? I like whiskey. But there is a savage refinement in a high-proof Bourbon, like getting slapped in the face by the gloved hand of a beautiful women. Then asking for another...
Bottoms up! - Kevin

Shadow: Paige L. Hill

In the shadows of my mind, I can be anything I would like to be.
I could be a princess with the prettiest ball gown in all the land.  A magnificent tiara to sit a top my head, showing off my beautiful long cascading hair as it shimmers in the spot light.