Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine: Junior Robles

Ever given your loved one sugar cookies covered with pink and red heart-shaped sprinkles? This awesome savory treat will have you asking for more. When it comes to Valentine's day most people think of sweets. Chocolate, cookies, candy,..etc. All very delicious and good for the soul. So, this goes out to all you sweet tooth lovers out there.. grab a sugar cookie and enjoy it with that special someone, they'll thank you for it.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Texture Bolton

This was the most unique texture I could think to shoot, it is the inside of the barrel of a pistol. Smooth and normally only seen when cleaned or by the round discharged.

Texture -Beäte Burgess

Abstract design and implied texture that the human form can create when conforming itself into juxtaposed positions. Organic lines outline the textural surface and suggested tactile feel of the body, revealing the potential essence of who this may be.

Texture: Ariel Elich

As a child, one of my favorite things to do was draw designs in the steamed up mirror after someone had taken a shower and see how the steam and water droplets distorted my image. Now every time I get out of the shower and swipe the mirror to see myself I have a small flashback of sitting on the bathroom counter making faces as my self and laughing at the distortion of my face. As I got older I began to notice the texture the mirror and water would create, so I did a self portrait (the first I have ever done), to bring me back to the simple entertainment of my childhood and to experiment with the inherent texture of water on glass. But what I got was an image that more disturbs me then elates me. In this image I have become an eyeless texture filled "THING".


I love crafting, cutting, pasting, gluing, melting, and really using any medium to create. I was working with crayons for a personal project and realized they would work perfect for the texture concept. It is interesting to me that a simple crayon can have so many different textures, smooth, rough, jagged, shiny, dull. I had fun putting this together and think it represents the concept well.

Texture: Junior Robles

The bright highlights surrounding the raspberries allowed for them to pop out of the picture to show texture. The contrast between the snow and the raspberries is perfect. Perhaps a bit too perfect, or not. Probably not. The raspberries feel isolated as well. There's something missing...


Texture is ultimately a feeling, an appearance. With many photographs to choose from, Karla's freckles and eyes stood out most to me, here. Against the dark blue of her scarf and red of her hair the colors contrast to create a feeling that draws me in. Between the scarf, her skin, and hair.. texture is overflowing.

Photographer: Lauren Alysse Larsen
Model: Karla Heath

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Texture: Justin Wilhelm

This assignment turned out to be completely different then I had anticipated. Originally I thought that I would shoot something macro in studio. Then I saw this as I was walking around Confluence Park. The sun was going down and cast some wonderful shadows on these columns and bench and the variety of texture was fantastic. Although everything in this scene was made of similar material, the texture varied greatly; from the smooth finish on the bench to the rough feel of the columns.

Texture: Emily Schulte

The wonderful thing about macro photography is that it makes the viewer focus on the texture and shapes that are in the frame, rather than the subject as a whole.  It is the beauty of not knowing what the subject actually is that makes macro photography so unique.  I hardly ever look this closely at anything I photograph, but after doing so I realized that even a dead weed in my backyard can be captivating and even beautiful.

Texture- Carl Farrier

Strings! That is what I was gong for the texture of the strings of a guitar. Also going for a short depth of field and over sharping technic to make the strings of the guitar pop more. Then I converted the image to black and white and put a vignette around the image so your eye goes to the strings. This was fun but hard because I wish I had a bass guitar instead of a electric guitar. What a bummer!!