Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Window: Coors

The rear “window” of the Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce. V12 6.5 Liter engine. This vehicle is the epitome of a super car. 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, top speed, 215 MPH. Hold on tight.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Candy: Mary Welander

I've been spending the last few days in Wisconsin with my niece.  She reminds me so much of myself when I was little.
For example, our undying love for cookies and milk!

Weather: Mary Welander

I'd like to welcome back this beautiful, sunny weather!  
Colorado has been quite gloomy the past week. 
Such a warm welcome deserves a refreshing treat!

Window: MrNicholsPhotography

Window: Mary Welander

I was in the cutest little cafe the other day. I snagged a seat right by the window. Look at these adorable little finger sandwiches! Honey almond butter and blackberry preserves, that's a fancy PB & J!


Window: Buckingham, Kris

What do these eyes say? Is he the next president, your older brother, or something

darker? If the eyes really are the window into a person soul, what do your eyes say

about you?

Window: Brian Howell

Itʼs crazy to think that even though the window in this picture is only 2x2 ft. there is this
massive 14,000 ft mountain just sitting inside it. Windowʼs are an amazing thing that
can be interpreted many different ways. As I was trying to think of a good way to shoot
for this concept I had a ton of ideas: an eye (window to the soul), catching a
moment (window of opportunity), and countless others. But this image really stuck out to
me because we go through life almost always looking through small windows, whether
its while we are driving or just sitting at work or school. When in fact if we just step
outside the window we can experience the greatest thing ever made...The WORLD! So,
I challenge you to stop looking through the window and step out and make your dreams
come true!

Candy: MrNicholsPhotography

Window by Myles Hessling

Windows are boring to me, it's often what’s on the other side that excites me. One day, I hope I can find my way to space, where I will view the world from a little porthole on the side of a rocket…

Window: Angus Hooper III

I've always enjoyed reflections.   The reflection of this piece of art with the flags and colors made this image work well together. 

Candy: Angus Hooper III

This ice cream cone was found near a bus stop as if left by a rushing passenger, or child.

Weather: Angus Hooper III

I was huddle in from the rain in a shelter at the park, watching the rain splash in the puddles. 

Windows: Danielle Mondragon

There is a bridge that crosses over I-25 to the Highlands area of Denver. In my opinion it is hands down one of the best views of the downtown skyline. It also separates the hustle and bustle of downtown from the nice neighborhoods of North Denver. Although it is an abstract view of windows, it is upon this bridge that is my window into the city. It provides me the ability to see the city from abroad and enjoy all of its beauty from the quiet hillside of the Highlands.

Danielle Mondragon

Windows-Nick Belohlavy

Windows provide protection, safety, and comfort from the world on the other side. Once the barrier is broken, the world on the other side can come in. In this image, 20 or so years of rain, snow, wind, cold, and heat have all ravaged this room.

Window: Chelsie Moore

We all have a vision of what we want in our lives and who we want to be. My concept for this picture was to have someone looking into the mirror of what they wanted to be. The world outside of the mirror is a normal girl, glum and desaturated, while the world inside the mirror is very vibrant with the rich red and the gold frame of the mirror. She is looking out into what she wants to be, or wishes to be... She has envy for this person.
Chelsie Moore
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Window : Audree Valdez

Scared, alone, creepy, calm, happy, sad; how does this make you feel? To me its kind of creepy, only because I know unusual stories about this house. Staying in this room freaks me out a little bit. It reminds me of a horror movie and a head or a hand should be coming out from behind the curtains. Which is ironic because my boyfriend spotted out a face in the curtains. If you look really closely to the top, in between the middle and right side. There is a faint image of a male. Hmmm... interesting.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Candy: Audree Valdez

Whats better than vanilla ice cream?
Vanilla ice cream with anything you want in it. Reese's, gummy bears, Oreos, and the list goes on. Thats why I chose a Cold Stone gift card after winning a weekly drawing at work. I needed to cure a sweet tooth and Cold Stone was the perfect place to cure it. Especially on a 90 degree day. One lesson learned though, do not eat the ice cream in a hot car.

Windows:Nicole Marcelli

Window of Opportunity.

Donʼt let that chance pass you by. In this Industry, designers

and models must constantly keep trying to land that job. To keep searching for the new

latest look. And when that window opens up you must act on it fast.

Nicole Marcelli

1World Studios




Weather: Audree Valdez

The 9th straight day of storms, in the Denver Metro Area. I have been bummed because I love thunderstorms and had to be stuck inside working the whole week. I would have loved to capture cool lightning strikes, a funnel cloud, or an awesome rainbow. But Im glad I was able to get something somewhat unique on my home from a long day of school. So, here it is, the cliched out the window-side mirror shot... with a twist.

Windows: Geoff Ridenour

The eyes are the window of the soul. -English Proverb.

As a photographer there is nothing more important than the ability to see, both with our eyes and more importantly the mind. Most people are born physically able to see. As light reflects off objects in our environment our eyes receive and transmit the signals to our brain. However, what happens from there is where we all become true individuals. Something in our mind takes on the job interpolating, translating and processing the information to create a unique vision of the world we live in. As a visual artist this is the true essence of my photography. It is my unique translation of light being focused through the lens, eye and mind to create a visual representation of my soul’s vision of the world around me.

Geoff Ridenour

Colorado Based Commercial, Documentary Travel and Fine Art Photographer


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