Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Dying Process

Life is in many ways like a game of chess, where choice plays a pivotal role. It is choice which dictates what kind of life you live, and sometimes it is choice that dictates your impending doom. If you delve deeper, below the surface, you can learn a lot about death through the game of chess. Life is the dying process, and we make decisions every day that put us one step closer to death, however. It's not as painful if you have good strategy... fairplay, evaluation of opportunities and anticipation of the future can go a long way in a short life.

Death - Lizzy Flowers

The generation that this society has grown in to is absolutely oblivious. It's normal to drink a soda every day or eat pizza for dinner 3 nights a week. That's why the average weight of an American adult has increased 24 pounds over the past 30 years!  According to Joe Fuhrman, MD, "America is the richest nation on the face of the earth with the most abundant supply of affordable healthy food, yet according to the USDA, less than 5% of Americans get their minimum daily requirement of nutrients." At an early age, we've become used to eating a diet based on what's convenient and easy. But 70% of twelve-year olds have already developed signs of heart disease! Lately I've been focusing really hard on changing my eating habits and doing good for my body. Cool Whip, and other such products can lead to an early death! So don't eat it!

Death: Anthony S. Archuleta

Ana Escalante sits in her kitchen reflecting the memories of her father. Being of Mexican descent, "Dia de los Muertos" is a significant holiday that is traditionally celebrated in her culture. Rest in Peace.

Death - Mike Fabricius

There have been a lot of great musicians that have passed on throughout the years. One that stands out to me is John Lennon. I respect John Lennon for what he stood for. For those that don't know Mr. Lennon was an anti-war, civil rights, political activist who wrote the song, "Imagine".

Death: AMM

Playgrounds have always held a particularly creepy feeling for me. Not simply because they are often made of sharp, metal objects. Rather, because they symbolize that fragile moment when we leave childhood behind and venture into adulthood. I can’t help but think about all the children who once found joy there, and have since abandoned the simple pleasures of their youth for the complications that await us when we grow up.

Death: "Phillina Martinez"

How do you define death in one photo? It can mean so many different things depending on your interpretation. I decided to visit a cemetery where I could find many ideologies that symbolize death. In my opinion angels represents a part of death that brings comfort to something that is feared by most.  

Death- Philip Burdette

the poison in my blood
makes the night seem a little brighter
may make my heart seem lighter
but it just hides the emptiness inside
sharpens the craving for a touch
makes me forget how long it’s been
come and dance with me
watch the smile light my face
watch me act like I don’t care
listen to my easy laughter
but don’t look in my eyes
ignore the shadows lurking there
whisper softly in my ear
make those hollow promises
try to make me believe
and I might pretend it’s all ok
may act like I’m going to stay
tell myself it’s not a lie
but it’s just the poison
pulling me to you
and it’ll only last for tonight

written by Danielle Mundy

Monday, November 1, 2010

DEATH: Raydene Salinas

Death. A depressing concept. So rather than photographing something that I don’t particularly care to even think about, I decided to tap into my other passion, design.

Lately I have been enthralled with learning new techniques in Adobe Illustrator, with the help of the best graphic designer I know, Mike Low. He has patiently taught me things that I have previously only dreamed of being able to do, namely, a distressed look on letters. Cool.

On to the concept: Death. The inspiration for this design comes from photography, the career I’ve chosen to pursue. The incident: leaving my ISO at 400 when shooting on a bright sunny day with my trusty Olympus. If you own an Olypmus, or have ever used one, you know that it’s very particular about the ISO it prefers. Anything over 100 and your photos are noisy to the extend that they are no longer usable.

In short: ISO 100 or death.

Links: Mike's website: mikeslow.com

Death - The one with the Dark Knight - MacKenzie Carullo

Death is a passage from one experience to another. Thinking of death reminds me of a long journey, that is why photographing a magnificent powerful animal that represents an endless journey was important to me.
I saw him on the side of the road, he looked so majestic against the setting sun.
I knew that he was the idea that even though time passes, nothing really changes. Life moves on.

Death: Cameron Dabney

When death occurs, it is very important to look back and remember those who have left. Photos can bring back so many wonderful memories of someone. This photo was taken at my Grandmother's funeral this weekend. She passed away earlier this month. I loved this image because it shows a very old friend of hers, looking back at old photos that showed what an amazing woman she was, and the long life she lived. Death is a very difficult thing, but it creates moments like this, which bring people together to find closure with their loved ones who have passed away.

Death-Jeff Sipes

When I thought about death, the first thing that came to my mind was a graveyard.  I knew of this huge graveyard not too far away and went there to find some architecture.  This was the most unique architectural structure I found and couldn't pass it up.  My main focus in photography right now is architecture. I enjoyed working with this photograph because of the great contrast between the building and sky.  Even though it’s a mausoleum, the sky makes it feel like there is a brighter day ahead.

Death: Clint Kaiser

Walking into a grave yard always leaves you
with a mysterious wonder of what was really around
you at the time. Some people don't believe in
ghosts, but others do. I created an image of a boys
best friend coming to visit his grave and what he
doesn't realize is the ghost of the dead friend also
came to visit him. Just because someone is not alive
doesn't mean they aren't still with their loved ones.

Death - Sharon Arnoldi

As you walk down the stairs from the deck into the yard, there is a great spot to plant a tree. However, we are on our third attempt at planting something there. It must be the spot of instant plant death. We tried watering, ignoring, fertilizing, soil testing and building it up so the nutrients don't run off. It seems like no matter what we try, nothing works. I took the scull out to the area of the backyard and photographed it in the spot where the dead plant is.

I actually shot this with my iphone, on purpose. My iphone gives takes a blurry image and the app I have for it makes it look very interesting. I really like taking photos with my iphone and the hipstamatic app.

Technology: Anthony S. Archuleta

My idea of technology came from the idea that normalcy is boring. So I used this time to create an image that was humorous and a little quirky. I think this is fun and a play toward futuristic wackiness.