Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mirrors show us either a vision of ourselves or something that we don't want to see. When I look in the mirror I dont just see myself I see what I have become and what I can become. You look hard enough you can see the future and you can scare yourself. But what I see in the mirror is i have not physically changed. I may look the same still dress somewhat the same but mentally I have become stronger.  The inspiration from the pic was from a photographer named Connor Surdi. Over the years he has done tons of manipulated photos. Hopefully in the future I will be able to do some more photos like this. 
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Mirror-Crystal Petrella

Mirrors are just like children, they see everything and can show what you don't see or want to see. As we grow up you loose our innocence, and the ability to see things that we use to as kids. Remember as a kid you could see your imaginary friend and your parents and some of your friends couldn't? Well it was because your parents and some of your friends had lost that innocence. So it kind of makes you wonder what else children can see and mirrors as well.

Imaginary Friends
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Mirror Mirror: Rebekah McDaniel

All things in our life is shown through our reflections. Every little detail sculpted into who we are. From the expressions we carry to the styles we choose all reflects back upon us. Not so much a looking glass into the future, but a story of our lives. It shows us the beauty in which we hold today allowing us to choose for tomorrow. You can view this photo and more at Beaux's Photography

Mirrors by Andrea Frase

Everything you are at that very second is captured as an impression in a mirror; smiles, tears, anxiety, and self assurance are all part of what makes you. Who you are as a person is all you have in life, and a mirror will never lie. Be honest with yourself and you will see the real you looking back, with confidence.  

Kathryn Christensen:Mirrors

While many see drag queens from afar and make assumptions, I pursued the urge to meet them up close and find out what the scene is really about.  As Makayla Waldorf gets ready for a night out on the town, I was able to get a sneak peak into what happens behind the curtains and find out how long it actually takes for one of these dolls to get ready before hitting the town…Tracks night club is one of the most popular places in Denver to catch the best queens.
Mirrors: Brandon Sanchez

Erica Jong once wrote " It is the city of mirrors, the city of mirages, at once solid and liquid, at once air and stone.

Mirrors can used as a surface to reflect ones image or even light from somewhere in a room. Creating a different or altered reality in a world that may be plain, vanity may sometimes come from even the smallest of creatures. 

Check out this blog on how-to's using gels on location.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mirrors: Bianca Bourgeois

Mirrors have one of the most powerful capabilities, and that is reflecting the truth. Mirrors also have the ability to represent the unknown, and a door representing the future leading to the unknown can leave one  in curiosity. Although the future is always unknown, we are always one step closer to our destiny.

© Bianca Bourgeois

Mirrors: Mariah Mata

   Reflections, can tell a lot about a person. Especially if you are “the fairest one of all” as the Disney princess Snow White is. Here is a modern day Snow, hair as dark as night and lips red as blood. The one princess I thought of when Mirrors are involved. But you don't have to be a princess to have a beautiful reflection.

Mirrors: Christine Saler

‘Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all?” Looking your best is a priority for most women as well as finding the right stylist for your specific style. When looking for a stylist you also want to take in count affordability. At Mirror Mirror on the Wall Salon &Spa, you will always be fairest of them all without trading your treasures in your purse. 

Mirrors: Danielle Saler

Dreams can be inspiration to new and unthinkable inventions to living a healthier life. Throughout time, people have trusted, relied and have based decisions off the visions we see when our conscious state of mind rests. For me as an artist, dreams are my tear sheets to elaborate conceptual ideas that I display in my work. Knowing more about your dreams can also lead to incredible inventions or captivating artwork.

Photographed by Danielle Saler

Mirrors: Moriah Gallagher

Mirrors are considered portals to separate realities.  Whether these be the Spirit World, other dimensions, or simply a portal of a new understanding of this dimension, mirrors hold a great deal of importance to many people to show them something they would otherwise not be able to see.  In this picture, when the viewer looks down into the mirror, they are shown a new vantage point of a classic French chandelier.  From this viewpoint, one can really see that the object is a chandelier, but they may also see it as imitation of different objects such as branches or spiders.  Not only does this mirror create a portal to this other "world", but it also distorts reality by showing the three dimensional object as a new flat object.

  When one thinks of a mirror they think of a surface capable of reflecting sufficient undiffused light to form an image of an object placed in front of it. In the old days people called it a looking glass. I alway wonder what could be behind it looking back. Is it really you or not? Does it reflect what you want it to or does it make you want to scream? You'll never really know the truth behind, "The Mirror". 

Old School - Emily Boozé


Old School reminds me of alot of things from the 80's and 90's. Big hair, neon colors, MTV, and video games. Sega Genesis is one of the gaming systems that I had and still have to this day. I remember playing Sega almost everyday as a kid. Every kid was at our house taking turns playing on snowy and rainy days. Some times playing Sega would take me away from reality. One of my favorite childhood memories.

Mirrors: Kathryn Bronn

Have you ever watched a girl, young or old, walk past a mirror, stop, back up, admire her reflection, fix her hair, and then move on?  Vanity is something that is wired in us females.  In the same way that no one needs to teach little boys that any and every object (from their Legos to their graham crackers) can be used as a weapon, no one needs to tell girls that their reflection is worth stopping for.  In my childhood home, we had a full-length mirror at the foot of the stairway.  On many occasions, I was known to stumble and fall down the stairs because I was trying to walk and look at myself simultaneously.  I was completely unable to walk by that mirror without stopping to admire the view, a subject which my family teases me about to this day.  
This habit should not be blamed as a result of cultural wrongs or something amiss in our society.  On the contrary, I find it rather humorous to watch, both in the young and the grown females.  It’s in our DNA; girls are enamored by their own reflection.  

Heather Zindars: Old School

The Lake of the Woods Covered Bridge was constructed in 1965 to connect the two sides of Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve in Mahomet, Illinois.  Designed by German Gurfinkel, a Civil Engineering instructor at the University of Illinois, the bridge was a replica of the Pepperel Bridge near Boston. The work took 18 months to complete and cost $55,000; the covered bridge is a relic of the past.   This particular one not built until the mid-1960's, yet is a monument to the memories of another time when people had to construct these to get over valleys and water.  A huge undertaking for those that built it, they likely never considered the valuable landmark it would serve as today.  


Mirrors_Brittany Paige

Mirrors create identical reflections to that of what is in front of it. Water can do the same thing. I love how simple the photo and the art piece in the photo is.

Heather Zindars: Mirror

She blossoms right before your eyes.  Whether 3 or 13, girls love to dress-up like a princess.  Inside every woman, there is a princess.  Life may have jaded her to this belief, but if you wipe away all the pain and disappointment, there in lies a young girl whose childhood dream is to be rescued by her knight and shining armor.   A princess, above all else, is fought for.  Her tenderness and vulnerability blankets her heart awaiting her prince charming who will rise to the occasion.  This lovely girl is someone's sister, daughter, niece, granddaughter and so much more. She deserves to be loved and cherished and pursued valiantly.  God's precious gift of beauty and grace will someday touch another's heart, and she will be well worth the wait.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mirrors Devin Swift

Mirrors are the coolest things to me. They are used in everyday life from grooming to admiring yourself, but mirrors also have a dark side. For centuries mirrors have been used in horror stores. From the old bloody marry to the bad luck for seven years if you break a mirror. There are also theories that you can see spirits in mirrors. There are many styles of mirrors, the new modern look, the old classic and many in between.  I love Pronto Home; it is a great site to look for mirrors. They show all the different styles and which stores have the best deals on the mirrors you like.

Cynthia Repasy: Mirrors

Does heaven have a phone number?
Daddy went to heaven, but I need him here today.

My tummy hurts and I fell down; I need him right away.

Operator, can you tell me how to find him in this book?

Is heaven in the yellow part?  I don't know where to look.
I think my mommy needs him too, at night I hear her cry.

I hear her call his name sometimes, but I really don't know why.
Maybe if I call him, he will hurry home to me.

Is heaven very far away?  Is it across the sea?
He's been gone a long, long time-
He needs to come home now!

I really need to reach him, I simply don't know how.
Help me fine the number, please.  Is it listed under "heaven?"

I can't read these big, big words; I am only seven.
I'm sorry, operator, I didn't mean to make you cry.

Is your tummy hurting too, or is there something in your eye?
If I call my church maybe they will know.

Daddy said when we need help that's where we should go.
I found the number to my church tacked up on the wall.

Thank you, operator
I'll give them a call.

~Author Unknown

I have lost many friends in my life time.  Coping with the loss is never easy, whether it's a family member, a friend, or a pet.

Cynthia Repasy

Mirrors: Chandler Kim

Reflections are a curious thing. They can distort the truth or give you a representation of reality. I chose to do a little bit of both in this photograph.
The truth is; an apple a day really can keep the doctor away. Here is a link to 10 health benefits from apples 10 health benefits
The distortion lies in the way the apple ( a metaphor for humans ) sees itself.
©Chandler Kim Photography


Justin Stapp:Mirrors

Mirrors, they show us the world behind us when we look into them, but what if they could show us the times behind us? How many people would lose themselves in mirrors? Would it just be the vain at that point that look into mirrors because they love seeing themselves, or would it come to include more because they miss things that have passed?  What if you could look into a mirror and see your childhood looking back at you, if you could lose yourself in those moments of your past? The world would be different, definitely different if that was possible...it would be a world of mirrors and glass.