Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mechanical: David C. Benson

Everybody is on the meter!

Don’t worry “The Man/SheMan” is always monitoring some aspect of your life. He/She needed the help of mechanical contractor at some point in time to develop this metering system but, now it’s installed and no matter what walk of life you are from you are still being watched about your usage.

We talked a great deal about ethics last week in class (Art Institute of Colorado- Web Portfolio Design 1) and often the Man/SheMan imposes their will upon the common folk who are striving to live a good life. It seems unfair with many of the laws and guidelines that are imposed upon us but we need to live within the confines that society gives us. We can and do change the injustices we are faced with but it takes time.

During this holiday season, let’s appreciate the life we have and the opportunities are presented us. Make the most of what we have and find some crafty new ways to “take down” the Man/SheMan (in a good way.)

Don’t think about mechanics think about actions!