Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jacques Badon

Is funk dead?  Or is it a living creature?  I don't know much about funk, nor do I really care.  But if you dress someone up like this... give em some roller skates and a disco ball... and then send them down Colfax... car accidents will happen.  All I know is funk can be dangerous.


  1. This is great! Love the outfit, the skates, her pose, the disco ball are "in-your-face" funk. Not crazy about the liquor store background and the brick wall, but overall, it got my attention. Also would have been nice to see a little more of her face.

  2. Jacque, to me this is the epitome of funk. The pose, the outfit, and the expression on her face is absolutely priceless! I have to agree with Heather about the background, and I think it would've been nice to have also used a shutter drag to show her "cruising" down Colfax. Nice job overall!

  3. This is the perfect representation of the classic idea of funk. I really like the composition overall and how it looks like an old photograph. The only thing I don't like all that much is how much vignetting there is. I think the image is enhanced by some vignette, but there's just a bit too much.