Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Amanda Corrales - Vintage

"I asked for a Coke, not Pepsi" She says while laughing. "Silly Boy, Dont you know I'm a Lady"

As I sat watching her she took me back to the 1950's when Men were gentleman and Woman were Ladies.
I'm pretty sure I was born in the wrong Century; I love this era of clothing style and poise, everything about it screams beautiful.

This shoot was amazingly crazy-fun! Brittany was such a trooper for this shoot, she came and helped model for my Photographer friend, Matthew Moore and did a boxing shoot and then re-worked it to do a vintage shoot! Amazing I tell you! Thanks Brit! Your awesome!

Vintage - Devan Dennis

Last night I dreamed she came back again, a lovely ghost of an unknown friend. She was never known in this life of mine, a faded beauty, withered in time. She came with the wind, dancing in the low-light. I asked if she'd stay, hoping she might. She smiled and spoke of love for always keeping her visage with me -for all she ever wanted was to live in someone’s memory. To be a timeless beauty had always been her dream. She wanted to be known and share everything with me.

Vintage - Sean Alexander

Vintage to me is something timeless, something classic that regardless of it's era can represent an entire generation and remind you of what something used to be. Luke Miller was born and raised in Colorado and it's his memories of the tall grass, lakeside parties as the summer gets closer, and the time spent just enjoying nature when he was younger that really remind him of those nostalgic memories. We spent the afternoon until sunset at a fishing lake in Lory State Park, just enjoying the weather, hiking, and talking about those more classic memories and also all the inappropriate and wild things we did when we were younger. Our conversation might have been filled with casually used curse words and offensive to the beer drinking college kids fishing (definitely offended them), but it was easily the most nostalgic and possibly stress relieving thing I've done in awhile.

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Caitlin McBride-Vintage

Vintage is the new trend. People are obsessed with vintage right now: from photo editing, to clothes, to household decorations! And I personally have tagged along with this fad. There is nothing wrong with jumping on the bandwagon! I have always thought items from the past were fun to collect or to just look at. I've wondered what it would be like if I was born in a different time. Some people couldn't function without computers or modern technology, but I like to say I totally could and would love to live in simpler era. I bought a record player a few months ago, because I found quite a steal on Craigslist. There is a record store called Wax Trax right up the street from the Art Institute of Colorado and I'm in there browsing a whole lot!

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Vintage - Joey Jene

Polaroid, the original snap shot. Before the digital era, the only form of instant photo. This being the most common used camera for events like this pig roast. The Polaroid was invented by Edwin Land in 1929. Even with the end of film production in 2008/2009 you can still find film and enjoy the original instant photo.

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Vintage - Matt Speck

On June 28, 2009 was the day I shot my first concert of The Disco Biscuits at the Church of Universal Love and Music. Memorial Day weekend will be my 50th show seeing The Disco Biscuits and my 3rd year photographing at their Red Rocks show Bisco Inferno. Playing with them this year are acts such as Rusko, Big Boi, Emancipator, and others.

Vintage - Casey Bieker

When loved ones such as my Grandma pass away we start sifting through the old photo's and things in the house that bring many memories and questions to the surface. Was my Grandma happy when she passed away, did I do enough to show that she was loved, and was this photo of her and my sister taken on Mars? Why is it so red?

C. R. Bieker Photography

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hunter Baar - Vintage

Red Rocks Ampthleather lies hidden in the FootHills of colorado. This Great Venue was built in John Brisben Walker in 1906, construction was easy Mother Nature gave him his influence and the rest was history. The amphitheater consists of two, three hundred-foot monoliths one Ship Rock and and the either Creation Rock, that provide acoustic perfection for any performance. In 1927 the city of Denver purchased the Venue from Mr. Walker for $54,133 where it still is a favorite place to watch shows for all types of people. Big names such as Rusko, Slightly Stupid, Pretty Lights, Widespread Panic, and festivals such as Global Dance Festival and Regge on the Rocks will be playing there this summer. Shows start May 19th, and run all the way till September 11.

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Robert Roe-Vintage

                                                            Robert Roe Photography
Vintage, retro, nostalgic, and even old school have pretty much the same meaning in todays society. They are used to describe something that is old, collectible, and from a certain era. Here we look at a vintage 1952 Webster Electric 210 reel to reel tape recorder. Back in it's day, reel to reels were the cutting edge of HiFi technology. This was the iPod of it's day. This 210 belongs to and was photographed at Denver Vintage. A vintage audio restoration and repair shop located in Lakewood, CO