Saturday, January 29, 2011


Texture, texture, texture!!! Personally I've shot loads of pictures for 'Texture' related projects and never really thought any of them were overly exciting to look at. This shot however, I had a lot of fun with! I enjoy working in photoshop; creating fantastically imaginative images. This particular shot is a composition of some dry mud found in my backyard and a willing participant, Ryan Norris, to pose for me. I had the image of the character 'The Thing' from Marvels 'Fantastic Four' comic in mind when creating this image.
"It's Clobberin' Time!!!"

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Motion; Peter Bolton

This is practice for me with a large format camera. I was trying to roll and shoot the ball at the same time.

Motion Music

I shot this image during Glo 6 on Saturday January 22, 2011 at the Arapaho County Fairgrounds. I shot the image like this to give you the concept of motion that goes with music that flows through the dj. This is DJ Dragon

Motion - Beate Burgess

A sweeping movement, an expansion that advances horizontally and progresses vertically towards an ambiguous horizon. A motion that lends itself to a perceptual variation of gestures and individual creations of our imagination.


On sunday mornings I do a lot of egg cracking at Panera Bread! I decided to just do a simple photo sequence on egg cracking. Before the egg is cracked, during, and after. Eggs are awesome. Taste good too.


This shot I've tried to do a couple times now, trying to capture movement/motion yet still haven't managed to get it to where I want. A light painting shot using a blue tinted fluorescent light moved around with a 30sec exposure time. This time with ISO maxed at 1600 at f/5.6

Motion/Nick B

I was out exploring a new set of buildings I had found in Weld County, Colorado. There were some fast moving clouds overhead, and light pollution from a new community over the hill. I simply set up the tripod and set the camera for 30 Seconds at F5.6 ISO 400.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Apart from my normal fashion photography and consumer portraiture, I decided to start the quarter off with a fun beginning. I'm excited about this quarter and this photograph expresses my feelings almost to a T :) The rest of my work will reflect my main genre's but for now this expresses the idea of 'moving' forward and letting loose.

Model: Reid Kessler
Location: Art Institute Studio
Photographer: Lauren Larsen


This shot ended up quite opposite from my original idea. I wanted to show a snow boarder sliding down a rail with a blur, and then stopping him at the end with a strobe. Due to equipment failures I ended up taking a different route and panning my subjects. In the end I was happy with the change and must say these guys are fast!!

Motion: Justin Wilhelm

Driving through the Colorado mountains in January is new to me. As I pushed my 4 cylinder Toyota Echo up Co-119 toward Nederland from Boulder I found myself having to pull over for vehicles that were better equipped to travel the snow packed roads. This also allowed me to patiently wait in the freezing cold to watch cars pass by and I was happy I did, because I could see what my surroundings looked like. As each car passed by their headlights would wash the walls with fantastic light, and that is what I was trying to express in this photo.