Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beauty: Bianca Bourgeois

© Bianca Bourgeois

Beauty can be defined as striking and attractive, and not ugly. Life is a constant renewal, as well as a circle of life. As I stumbled across these decomposed bird wings, I stared at them with great marvel. Ants had completely decomposed the body of the bird and had left nothing but its wings. As the wings sat in such a peaceful and quiet state, I couldn't help but think that even through death there is beauty, and that beauty can be found anywhere if one tries to seek it-even in the most abnormal form.

Beauty: Brandon Sanchez

Beauty can be interpreted into many things; from a wonderful rose to a stunning portrait of a person or group of persons who could inspire you to create an image of beauty. I read a quote by John Keats that truly inspired me to imagine an era where people believed in that which was beautiful to look at and worship "A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness." 

Greek Mythology came to mind, and the goddess Aphrodite was the one Greek goddess that truly illustrated that one quality; beauty. There is one copy of the Greek statue Venus de Milo and it is located in the Louvre today.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Beauty : Mariah Mata

       Beauty, it’s a complex word and holds meaning to so many things such as “wow she is a beauty” or “look at the 

beautiful sky tonight.” I believe there is beauty in all that you see, you just have to search for if it’s not as obvious as others. 

With these two images I decided to ask “Is this beauty or this?”  What do you think?

        In the society that we live in, I believe more people would be more attracted to the one where she has makeup on, 

because in our society we feel better with makeup on because it hides our flaws and insecurities.  Little girls grow up

thinking that makeup is necessary, but it’s not. I think makeup is to help enhance your beautiful traits not hide them. Show

off your unique self, because you were born that way. What have you got to loose? Be fearless and embrace true beauty.

       That’s why I think both images have beautiful traits, but I feel she is more comfortable in her skin and is full of self 

esteem with her au natural look.


Beauty: Andrea Frase

Beauty can be a hard thing to notice if you're not looking for it. There is beauty all around you, but maybe this summer you want to have that beauty right in your own back yard. Here are a few great places to go for roses, lilacs, and maybe even some pansies to give a little more color. I hope everyone takes the time out of their day to stop and smell the roses, just be careful not to smell the bees.

Beauty: Chandler Kim

Beauty lies in the imperfections. In today's digital world, we are constantly stressing over things like retouching; making sure that our images are flawless. But who ever said flaws were a bad thing?

Part of the beauty of photography for me is the unexpected. The magic that occurs after the shutter is released. This image of my beautiful friend Zsa Zsa would not be the same without the funky emulsion at the top. The Impossible Project keeps the beauty of analog photography alive by recreating expired polaroid films. Check out their website or your local photo shop and pick up some of their awesome film!

It is all of life's imperfections that make it so beautiful and keep me wanted to document each moment. Carpe Diem!


Beauty: Moriah Gallagher

Growing up in a family that has had a lot of influence from the fashion industry (designers and models), beauty has always been taught to me as very important for a woman.  As I grew older, I was unable to attain this perfect external image that I had always known to be so important, which led to many issues with my self esteem.

I have since realized that while external beauty is nice to look at, allowing yourself to be consumed by it leads a dangerous road.  This is why it is represented by the poppy, a beautiful flower that is a key ingredient in destructive substances such as heroin.  

Rebekah McDaniel: Beauty


As I sit here on the mountain top
Rolling thunders that never stop.
Droplets of pain beneath my skin
Undoubtedly left by men.

I sit here all alone
In my words, I call it home.
Dark and gloomy, the rains may be
But in my soul a light I see

A strength that I bare 
In a world that does not care.
Captured by the light
I will not give up this fight.

    Beauty to me is conquering your fears, stand up against the flow of the crowd, taking your dreams and making them a reality. Beauty is the strength of your soul. The power with in you that takes you to the next level and fuels your desire for more. It is the passion in which we all hold. 

Justin Stapp: Beauty

Beauty, what is it? I think it can always be argued because of personal opinions and biases. There are few things though that no matter who you are take your breath away and I think anyone will agree that are beautiful. Grandness is usually the key for me, whether it be a huge mountain landscape, vast clear a calm oceans, weather fronts with huge clouds, or a clear view of the stars in the night sky. All things in nature are inspiring and incredibly beautiful to me. I saw some imagery from Ben Canales on G+ a while back and was enthralled with it. Now that I have some equipment that will allow me to do so I am going to start playing with some star photography and this is my first exploration into that.

Beauty: George Ferris

     I had the opportunity to photograph the beautiful and talented Abbey Jordan earlier this week.  She's a local comedian here in Denver and has quite a personality.  Her work is quite refreshing - it's packed full of new and unique style.

     Abbey rocks it out in this commercial (spot her in the green hoodie):

 Scope her on some other sites:
Abbey Jordan on Soundcloud.com