Monday, April 23, 2012

Funky: Cynthia Repasy

     Did you know that Chinese culture believes that a pinwheel is meant to "turn one's luck around?"  It is seen as an intrument to turn obstacles into opportunties.  The Chinese culture primarily uses the pinwheels during their New Year celebrations.  The intent is to bring the owner good luck, longevity, health and prosperity for the new year.

     Pinwheels can be found all over the world and have for the most part, retained their simplistic shape from culture to culture.  The symbolism of such a simple piece is quite diverse.  To some, it represents childhood innocence, while to others it can be viewed as unseen energy, wish fullfillment, or even take on a more spiritual meaning.

     When I see pinwheels, it brings me back to my childhood days.  I used to fight with my brother over who had the fastest spinning one.  Next time you see a pinwheel, what will it remind you of?

    For infomation on how to create your own pinwheel and see who's spins the fastest, please visit Make A Pinwheel

Cynthia Repasy

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  1. I really like how the description goes back to the history of the pinwheel. The picture definitely says funky in it's color scheme. However, I have a hard time connecting funky to the description itself. It is never mentioned and the theme of the description seems to be more of childhood and memories.