Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Action - Josh Chavez

In Fashion photography - particularly high fashion - movement(action) is used regularly. It is used as a way to give the garment itself more life, creating texture and showing how its reflected in light; whether it's shiny, dull, etc.


Action: The fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim. This shot was taken at a Denver Lacrosse game. A player of the opposing team lines up a shot on Denver's goalie.


Action - Mike Maez

A traditional action at a wedding is the when the bride tosses her bouquet.


As we all know, Summer is coming to an end and Fall is starting to show. One of my all time favorite actions is the week or two when all the fall colored leaves fall. As far as a theme of "Action" goes, it is far a less intense activity than most would interpret, however very beautiful in my book. 
Happy Tuesday! :)

Action...By Jon @ CoralReview.com

ACTION!......and CUT! That's a wrap

Monday, August 23, 2010

Action : M@ Lowery

From Wikipedia:
In physics, action is an attribute of the dynamics of a physical system. It
is a functional which takes the trajectory (also called path or history) of the
system as its argument and returns a real number as the result.
It is shown that action is a function of momentum and time and cannot be described without both of these components. Action is the manifestation of kinetic energy and the primary conduit for entropy and decay. Because our existence depends on planetary action at the large scale and electron/atomic action at the small scale, it is a concept we should probably think about more often.

Action by Josie Lam

Frankie: "Art Director, what should I do now?

me: "I don't know! Hmm, let me think."

Frankie: "Alright, let me know what you have in mind"

me: "Okay. -thinks-"

Frankie: " -sits on chair, waiting for her to tell him what to do- "

me: "I have an idea, let's go with this: You had recently applied to a job that you had thought you weren't going to get hired at, you received their call and was informed you were hired. With excitement, you go to the roof of the apartment and you begin to jump crazily high.

Frankie: "Okie dokie!"

me: "Lights, cameras . . . ACTION!"


me "CUT! And that's a wrap! Good job, everyone! :]"

Action by Shandi Jones

Spending a day at Boulder Creek can be a
lot of fun, whether your in the water or on
the sidelines watching, there is always a lot
of action going on!

The Action of Time - @John Spinhirne

Action is a passage of time. Some actions are quick like splitting an atom, some are slow like the creation of the Grand Canyon or the decaying of a building long left unused. Something attracts me to these types of building and what they represent about the human race. The building you see here is located in the mountains above Empire, Co., long left to the elements; we can only speculate what it might have been used for when it was in use.