Thursday, July 19, 2012

Decay: Angus Hooper III

The word decay to me, brings to mind a number of disgusting and sickening images.  As a child, it was always pounded into us, this battle against tooth decay.  Crest, Aim, Arm and Hammer, and the rest of the major tooth paste brands all were formulated to "fight tooth decay".  As a child I dutifully brushed my teeth every night before bed (with some reminders from Mom).  As an adult, I became lazy.  I found myself without a normal bedtime, found myself with bad habits (smoking, too much sugar and soda), and found myself not so dutiful of my nightly teeth brushings.  This image, printed and on the wall near my bed, might be the perfect reminder to get back to my regular brushing, and to properly take care of these teeth of mine.  (At least its a theory).,,,

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Abstract: Scott Kotelnicki

Abstract is a lack of a definite or an undefined structure.  It is a view beyond the natural eye of observation.  When abstract is first seen its shapes and colors define it.  Only if these capture the eyes will the viewer begin to look deeper and search for meaning in the art.

Using a 60mm macro lens I got in close to a wooden puzzle that was light with the morning sun.  My first shots concentrated on the shadows that were form on the table. but in the end beauty is still most important in my work.

Abstract: Angus Hooper III

The leaves and sticks in this image resemble a dead animal lying in the road.  The contrast between the dead of the leaves and the animal form made, make me wonder if someone was puting this image together intentionally.

Abstract: Andrew Wyman

    These ashtrays, outside of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment building, gave me a lot to think about today. What pressures are these smokers are facing? Are these smokers unemployed and looking for work? Are they people who have been injured on the job and seeking workman’s compensation? Or, are they simply government workers employed at this building?
    I pass this building at least once a day. I pass by it oblivious to what’s happening in these people’s lives. I’m usually listening to music and concerned with my own worries of the day. If I were to step back and look at the world in an abstract way maybe I could help to make a real difference in the world.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Abstract: Brandon Chapin

To a human being the most abstract thing in existence, in my opinion, is that which mankind did not create.  This means Mother Nature created abstract, is abstract, and remains abstract.  It is something that we don’t always understand and will always be dumbfounded by.  During my travels across the deserts of Utah, Arizona, and Nevada I stopped in Moab, Utah to see the rock formations that have been sitting there, the same, for ages.  They are beautiful, natural occurrence that creates awe and amazement in humans when seen in person. 
© Brandon Chapin Photography

Abstract: Mike Bogner

    The world is a complex, abstract, chaotic and mysterious wonder. Where we end up and how we get there can be total stroke of luck or a test of ones strength and patience. The fixed gear bike is a simple machine powered by my legs, lungs and mind. As I ride, I escape into a simple, carefree world, just as it was when I was a child. The hills can be daunting and seem almost impossible to conquer but as I pedal, my inertia continues to carry me forward. The feeling in my legs from the climb is uncomfortable yet, temporary. The tightness in my muscles and joints ease up and this task of pedaling no longer seems like a burden. It drives me further and faster, ever getting stronger. I begin drift into a state of meditation. The abstract problems of my current world no longer seem so complex. I am able to see more clear. I come to a stop atop a hill overlooking the city and take in the beauty. Almost two hours have passed and I have covered over 30 miles. Time to go to work. The day seems less difficult.

Abstract: Valerie Morris

Have you ever truly stopped and looked at what is around you? Our world is amazing and filled with many possibilities. If you would just take a few seconds in your busy schedule, and really looked at what you touch throughout the day. What would you see? 

Would you see the ordinary object or would you see colors, textures, and shapes that appear repeatedly. If you can open your eyes to this, you just looked at the objects in an abstract way.

Abstract art can be the most ordinary objects, we see every day. However, they may not look like it. Truthfully, it’s not really about the objects. It’s about what the objects can create through design.

Abstract: Matthew Moore

Like A Banana To A Flame   © 2012 Matthew Moore

Into The Light—Banana Heaven Awaits   © 2012 Matthew Moore

What would your life be like if you were a piece of fruit? Would you have friends, a job, offspring? What challenges would you have? Would you have enemies, predators or prey?

In the above images, I played with light and focus to express what a banana might experience at its end-of-life. I wanted to portray a top-down background light in an ominous way as to suggest "going into the light" and a soft out-of-focus essence to create a dream-like state. Luckily in post-production, I was able to create two different stories with the same shot. One where the banana was looking to the light much like a moth does to a flame just before perishing and the other as if the banana's spirit was moving towards the "heavenly light" on its final breath.