Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanks: David C. Benson


It would have been easy, convenient and down right predictable to capture an image at Thanksgiving of the bird, the dinner table or the carnivorous, tryptophan laced guests around the dinner table, but I didn’t, that’s just not my style.

Instead this year on Thanksgiving weekend, I set off on picture taking adventure and gave thanks to Mother (i.e. Mother Nature) and the grand queen of the Rockies, the great state of Colorado.  Not many states can provide you the vistas or the golden hour colors as a November day in Colorado.  When Mother Nature intervenes and grants you sunny skies and 70+ degrees how can you complain?

This year I gave heartfelt verbal thanks and expressed my true blessings on “Tday” to my family members, my dog and my 8,000 friends at the Turkey Trot in Washington Park.  I spent the balance of the weekend taking images and enjoying the great Colorado outdoors and appreciating the freedoms and the rights we have in this great country. 

It may sound a little too overly patriotic or semi-pedantic but, there are days you just need to sit back, soak it all in and appreciate the planet and the place that you are in! 

I did however appreciate the way in which facebook allows us to share our thanks like never before!

Thanksgiving: Berry Oliver

"I want to help paint Uncle Charlie." I hear my niece Willow say from across the market.  For most people Thanksgiving means eating a big meal with your family, but in my family we work with food so that's out the window.  Thanksgiving Day is the only day the market is closed until Christmas.  We take this time to decorate the market.  Most of my family gets together early on Thanksgiving morning to hang garland, string up lights and paint the window.  There is always something that can be done.  For us it's the only day of the week we can finally relax.

Thanks: Chris Bebout

Some people only really think about what their thankful for on Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, and so on. For me its important when I'm upset or stressed out to think about where I have been, what has been given to me, and what I have earned. Most things in life are uncontrollable and some are not, but we must not dwell on the past but learn and move forth.

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Thanksgiving: Macklberg

Thanksgiving and family go hand in hand.  Spending time with your family is important but if you can't, in-laws are the next best thing.

Mechanical: Jared Williams

We live in a highly mechanical world. Advances in technology has become a daily change in our lives. As technology gets better, everything becomes faster. News, health, and even entertainment. I have an app on my phone that will allow me to acces my laptop no matter where it is granted it has an Internet connection. Now that's fast! 

Thanksgiving: AJ Anderson

While shooting the standard Thanksgiving day shots I thought to my self, what is a perspective that not many people see of a thanksgiving table spread? The idea of an overhead view seemed very interesting and along with the repeating geometric shapes it reminded me of being on a airplane and seeing the crops circles bellow.