Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Light: Anthony S. Archuleta

Out of the the norm from my fashion photography, I used this this image which was the location from an underground fashion show that I was invited to. If you can find it in the city, YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!

Light: AMM

I do fashion photography and a beauty shot is a serious test of a photographer's lighting skills. There is no room for error. A model's skin has to look flawless and you can't rely on heavy makeup to accomplish this task. This is a new model who is attempting to get signed. I am hopeful this shot will assist her.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Light : Kelsey Hansen

When I thought of photographing "light"... I thought for quite a while about it. I chose to just shoot a simple light bulb. I'm amazed that a little object like this can fully light a whole room. I decided to just take this bulb and use studio lights to make interesting light and shadows within this photo.

Light: Phillina Martinez

I chose to shoot Holiday lights, but not in the traditional sense. I wanted to make it a bit more interesting by adding a contemporary/abstract feel to the Holiday season.  This is a photo of lights on a Christmas tree.

Light: Christina Kissel

Every year a tradition in my family was to drive around the neighborhoods on Christmas Eve and look at all the lights on the houses, and it is one of my favorite traditions. Now, at my work, our "Winter Wonderland of Lights" on our Miniature Golf course is displayed every year. A different section of the course is assigned to each department and they are responsible for decorating that portion. Our owners come in to judge the course and elect a winning department. To me Christmas lights are so beautiful and taking time out of my day to enjoy their beauty is something I plan to make time for every single year.

Light: Philip Burdette

When I thought about what to do for my next assignment "light" I came up with all the cliché light ideas then I thought what kind of light do you not want to see. I instantly came up with this concept. I live on a really busy road so all I had to do is wait with my camera ready and I would see light soon enough. On the second night a police office pulled a car over right in front of my house. I took this shot right out my front window. It got really exciting watching the cop integrating the driver but he just let him go. Over all it was a exhilarating shoot.

Light: Mike Fabricius

     Light is a tricky, mischievous, and unpredictable beast. It is my duty however as a photographer to go into the wild and capture it, or in this case the studio. Once caged in the studio it is tamed and domesticated.

Light : MacKenzie Carullo

When I think of light I think of the simplest thing. Natural light, Its early morning in Colorado, driving to work everyday I witness an amazing sunrise everyday its different colors and shapes. The matching lines of the  landscape with clouds really caught my attention Making me want to study the landscape further. I plan on doing a series of these with this is a new method of photography that I a m trying out using my phones camera and movement to slightly distort the images giving them a dream like state.

Light: Jeff Sipes

When I think of light I think of an HDR (High Dynamic Range) photograph.  These are photos that are able to have every part of the zone system in the photograph.  The zone system goes from total black to paper white and is what photographers use to decide which aperture and shutter speed they should use to take their photo.
    You might be asking how you make these photos.  All you do is bracket 3-5 photos of the same exact photograph.  One light, one normal, one dark, and you can do two others if you'd like to.  The best software to use is Photomatix to make the HDR image.  http://www.hdrsoft.com/
   Light is everywhere and you can't get away from it.  It lightens up our days and we are surrounded by it at night.  We use it without worry and know that we can't get away from it.  Photographers can use light to their advantages in more ways than any person can possibly think of.  From lighting an apple in the studio to lighting a whole set out on the street, would you know how to light the most simple objects?

LIGHT: Raydene Salinas

After the first wedding I photographed in August, I swore I would never shoot another, and yet here I am. This time I was one of TWO shooters for the day in question. Cameron Dabney was the other shooter and was really great to work with! This seemed like a great way to relieve some of the stress that inevitably comes with a wedding, which apparently happens even when it's not yours! Although stressful, this experience was a lot of fun.

We photographed Meredith, Jared, and the wedding party at a beautiful park in Boulder and had a lot of creative freedom. The reason I chose this shot to represent light is because of the amount that is present through all of the stress of this special day for a fantastic couple. As a photographer, it's wonderful seeing the light in the eyes of all of those a part of the wedding day. Capturing love and the festivities surrounding it is very rewarding.

Thanks to Meredith and Jared for allowing me to be a part of your special day! Congratulations!

Light - Lizzy Flowers

So it took me a lot of tries but I finally got it. The moon in a heart shape! I've tried before but I could never get the middle to match together. To do this I just pointed my telephoto lens straight up towards the sky and  held a long exposure on the moon, and while it dragged I moved the camera in a heart shape. Upon looking at all my other complete failures, I would count this as an udder success! This is the full image, unedited.


Classic - Lizzy Flowers

This is exactly what I imagine when I think of the future street that I'll live in to settle down. It just says "perfect" in every way. It's reminiscent of the sort of care free life I dream of someday living. It's a classic fairy tale sort of life, where the whole world is beautiful and nothing can bring you down.


Light:Cameron Dabney

Perfect lighting makes a perfect photo. This photo has an amazing background and 4 cute girls, but with out the light on their faces the photo would not be nearly as strong. It is amazing what a difference the pop of a Q flash can make on a photo. This is true with most images. The image can have a ton of beautiful things in it but with out lighting the image is weak. I took this photo at my friend Meredith Xepolis's wedding this weekend. Raydene Salinas was the other photographer for the wedding, she also took some amazing photos! We went to a park in Boulder for the wedding party pictures. The sun was not shinning like I wanted it to be so I created my own sun using a Q flash. Light is what makes photography!

Light: Candice Swanson

Light is a beautiful thing when it is going away from us or coming to fill the day with sunshine. In this picture there is a sign of technology with this jet stream but it is lit with wonderful light.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Light: Sharon Arnoldi

 Without light there is darkness.  Our lives are driven by light and as a photographer its our job to capture it.  I have been on a new kick lately for shadows.  I think that shadows are fun and as a little girl (really little!) I used to think of my shadow as my best friend. We were attached at the toes and would go everywhere together.  Its interesting how shadows can help transform an everyday parking garage into something amazing.  I just love how the shadows repeat the lines in the roof of the garage.

Light:Clint Kaiser

When thinking of "light" and how it can be viewed I imagine the night time and how it can be turned into a day time setting but still have the feel of the dark. Trees are a perfect example of this, they look completely different during every season of the year.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Death: Kelsey Hansen

I thought a little about what I could shoot with the topic of "death". It seemed simple with the time of year that we are in, and the plants and trees dying. But I was looking for something that maybe didn't scream death right away. I was walking in Longmont, CO and shooting an old building when I cam across this old Times-Call laying in the dirt. It was worn, read and beaten up. It was just what I was looking for to complete this post. Newspapers are slowly dying in this world of technology that we live in. Now that everything is at our fingertips on the internet, the printing of papers is slowly dying, or so it seems to me.

Sound - Lizzy Flowers

This is Peirsen. He's a 15 year old Yellow Lab who's almost completely blind and deaf. He can see vague shapes and hear you only if you're loud enough. And for a week I was a guest in his household. And as I'm sure that I appeared only as a tall form of a strange smelling stranger, I was barked at almost constantly. Nothing would stop it. Not even food. It won't be long before It stops haunting me in my dreams!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sound: Christina Kissel

SWISH! Everyone knows the sound a basketball makes when a player makes that "perfect" basket, usually followed by some taunting and celebrating from the player that made the shot, and an eruption of cheering from the crowd. I could have chosen a photo of a player yelling, or grunting to show sound but I felt this is a sound many people can relate to. Even though I never played basketball I do find the swish of a basketball somewhat soothing, especially when the gym is silent and all you hear is the swish of the basket.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sound: Phillina Martinez

This photo is a vintage radio that was handed down to me. It represents a time when the radio was the only thing that some families had for entertainment. It helped spread the sound of music!  

Sound: AMM

This is the sound of an over-worked case manager. Jill works the night shift with me at the Adams County JAC. Occasionally at the end of the night, when your desk is covered in endless paper work, and your to-do list keeps getting longer and longer, you just have to take a moment and scream.

Sound: Philip Burdette

Sound is a wonderful thing; it can be so simple an beautiful and yet so raw and packed with emotion. I wanted to capture the raw power of sound in a photograph. Using a red, green, and blue light I tried to replicate the overwhelming power and creativity sound has on people. It is straight forward and in your face just like sound.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sound: Candice Swanson

The beautiful sound of guitar strings and my grandpa’s voice always made me relax and let all my troubles go for a couple of minutes. When I think of sound I remember when my grandpa was alive, singing and playing the guitar to calm my nerves before a big event or just to get me to relax and fall sleep. Since he passed away I love to go listen to others play the magical guitar.

SOUND: Raydene Salinas

Images: Raydene Salinas & Stock images.

Sound: Sharon Arnoldi

Apple Computer is the best example that technology isn't just about the specs anymore.  Their computers have a look that is sexy and modern with sleek lines, innovative design and eye catching displays. That's not to say that Apple doesn't have the specs to go along with their technology - because they do.  But as a consumer I am more drawn to things that are stylish or pretty instead of perfect specs and butt ugly.  I don't want to have to buy a cabinet to put my ugly $30 speakers in to keep them off my desk.  Technology isn't only about allowing you to edit that image, download a video, or create a word document anymore, but more so a battle between style, size and features.  

I bought these Harmon Kardon brand speakers to essentially look cool on my desk.  I wasn't too concerned about having the loudest sound or the deepest bass but more so the looks.  I can definitely tell that I got what I paid for, they are cool looking but lacking in sound quality.

Sound: MacKenzie Bush

The concept of sound really brings the idea of instruments to mind. They convey the players emotions and bring the audience into that. 
This is an instrument that I love to listen to and would one day like to play. 
It inspires me to create new images, because an artist for the piano is restricted to a certain amount of keys,and sounds it can make, to create new art. I am restricted to my own creativity and I feel like it challenges me to think out of  my own box.

Sound : Kelsey Hansen

Music is one of my escapes from the rush of everyday life. There is something about music that nothing else can do for me some days. It can be turned up loud when I am frustrated, or there is even music that is softer and more mellow. No matter my mood, there is always some music that accompanies me and my mood throughout my day.

Sound: Mike Fabricius

     Earphones are a wonderful creation. They let me listen to my music anywhere, as they are small and portable. I'm a big fan of music, my library spans vast genre's and decades. Music is an art form that has powerful effect on our brain and emotions. According to Diane Bales, Ph.D., "Some of these music pathways actually affect the way we think. Listening to classical music can improve our spatial reasoning, at least for a short time. And learning to play an instrument may have an even longer effect on certain thinking skills." 
     Technical bits- this is a macro shot of earphones. I lit this using my speedlight modified with a Lumiquest 80-20 bounce diffuser. In post I used Lightroom 3 to add a blue-red duotone and rounded edge.

Sound: Cameron Dabney

Vintage! Nothing says sound like a classic record player. Throughout a life time, only the best artists have produced records that only a few people have in their collections. Record players have become less and less popular as new technology is produced, but those who own a record player appreciate it and the sound it creates! They take you back to a whole new era...

Sound: Jeff Sipes

Sound was the hardest concept blog to come up with.  How do you take a photograph of something that you can't see?  You really can't take a photograph of sound, it is something you have to hear or see the word itself.  I don't think that you can show something that makes a sound because people would think it's just a photograph of the product.  I thought that trains have been all around the country and they have been around every sound possible, so what would know better than a train that sound is everywhere?

SOUND: Anthony S. Archuleta

Is it the pain, the anger, the aggression? You be the judge.
Model: Cameron Sanders

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Classic - Kelsey Hansen

In my opinion there is nothing more classic than a man playing a grand piano. I was walking through the Portland airport and noticed this man, William Fischer, playing the piano. As I thought more about it, I realized the classic feel a piano has. Anymore, you hear bands with multiple instruments and most of the time, someone singing. But, not very often do you hear just a piano. To me it was the perfect description of "classic".


Neo-classic is a revival of classical aesthetics, literatures, and classical ideals of reason and restraint... It is a revival of decorative arts chharacterized by order, symetry, and simplicity of form and style. This is my take on something classic. All I did was put my X on it.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Philip Burdette: Classic

When thinking of a way to capture the essence of a "classic" image I went back to film shooting. I pulled out my old Holga 120 film camera and began shooting. I think I pulled it off with this image gives a real classic feel. I love how dark the background gets it really keeps your eye on the subject.

Classic - The one with the Old Machine - MacKenzie Carullo

   The word classic can be interpreted into many different ideas for every person. For me growing up meant hardwork, your hands would have blisters, your body covered in sweat and you would be exhausted. But after word the family would come together look at the hard work they put in and be proud of a job well done.         
  When I think of today it is full of technology that gets the job done faster, cheaper and with less quality. This generations wants what they want  five seconds earlier than the idea. This piece of machinery brought me back to a time when the pace of life was slower. Hard work was honorable and respected. There was not many distractions from family, friends and real life. This is classic to me because it symbolizes a time when families work together to gather their crops for themselves and for sale. It brought the family together in good times and bad.

CLASSIC: Raydene Salinas

Family photos in the park. This is a pretty classic scene to see in the parks during the fall. Just this weekend, my friend Shawn called me to ask if I would take family pictures of her, her boyfriend and their two dogs. I jumped at the chance, because it's been a long time since I've taken family portraits and I liked the addition of the dogs in the shot.

Their dogs added a fun element that is often lacking in family pictures. Shawn enabled me to take something classic, like family portraits, and do a modern twist. We had a blast running all over the park with the dogs, tossing leaves, and creating beautiful photographs.

Classic: Mike Fabricius

, originally uploaded by Fabricius Photography.
The Fox is located on "The Hill", a popular commercial, restaurant, and bar district in Boulder, CO. The theater is located on 13th Street between a restaurant and the vacant Tulagi (Boulder) club. The Fox is located two blocks from the University of Colorado campus.

Originally constructed in 1926 as the Rialto Theatre, the building at 1135 13th Street had a number of occupants in its early years. The ownership record is nearly as convoluted as the list of business occupants. The property was sold in April 1926 by William Beach to Adrian G. Diez, who constructed the building. He sold it in May 1927 to the Curran-Isis Theatres Company (Frank Ricketson and associates). They sold in 1930 to the Fox Colorado Theatre Group, who in turn sold it in 1933 to the Fox Colorado Theatre Company. A quitclaim deed in 1935 resulted with the Boulder K & F Realty Company as the new owner. They sold it in 1946 to the Isis Theatre Company (also Fox Intermountain Theaters). County Assessor’s records are not available until a transaction in 1978, when the building was sold by the National General Theaters to the Mann Theaters Corporation. This company sold the property in 1988 to Cinamerica Theaters. In 1994, the present owner, Celtic Properties, purchased the building at 1135 13th Street. Read

Classic: Sharon Arnoldi

Last week while sorting through old stuff, I found my Nana's box of toys that she used to play with my brother and I when we were little. We mainly played with wooden blocks and dominoes, however occasionally we were allowed to bring out the marbles and as we got older she always made us play scrabble right before bedtime.

Classic: Cameron Dabney

When I think of the word classic, the first thing that comes to mind is elegeance and black and white. Classic to me means simple but beautiful. Black and white photography was the first types of images produced, but even today it is so popular becuase it can change the whole feeling of an image. I love this photo becuase eventhough she is an expecting mother with a big tummy, it has an elegant feel to it. Her hand positioning and the silhouette makes the photo feel like the “classic” I described.

Classic: Jeff Sipes

There are many different ways you can look at what classic means to you.  A Coca-Cola is one of the most classic things you can find and has been around since 1944.  It has been around for a long time and everybody knows the company. The classic part of Coca-Cola are the bottles.  A drink that can be refreshing and a drink that most people like.  You can guarantee Coca-Cola will always be around.

Classic: Candice Swanson

The concept of classical brought two things to mind, which were a classic car and a classic picture of a high school senior. High school senior boys are all about their cars, how fast it can go and how loud their stereos are, so he was very happy to let me take his picture with his cool blue 1966 Ford Mustang.

Classic: Anthony S. Archuleta

Nothing says "classic", like a pairs of jeans and a white t-shirt. Bringing back a traditional Calvin Klein look is something I remember growing to be an iconic photo. I went with a dirtier and grittier attempt here.

Model: Carlos Fillis

Classic: AMM

Over the past few years I have become a collector of antique cameras. One of my favorites is my Polaroid Land Camera. Although this beautiful camera will not fire (due to a faulty shutter spring), it always gives me a sense of nostalgia. When I look at it, I am reminded to think about the basics and not get so caught up with the fancy gadgets of the digital age. Its all about making good photography. How you do it really isn't that important.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Classical: Clint Kaiser

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a "classical" image is a classical car, specifically the Mustang. The beauty and uniqueness of this car will bring anyone back to the past.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Dying Process

Life is in many ways like a game of chess, where choice plays a pivotal role. It is choice which dictates what kind of life you live, and sometimes it is choice that dictates your impending doom. If you delve deeper, below the surface, you can learn a lot about death through the game of chess. Life is the dying process, and we make decisions every day that put us one step closer to death, however. It's not as painful if you have good strategy... fairplay, evaluation of opportunities and anticipation of the future can go a long way in a short life.

Death - Lizzy Flowers

The generation that this society has grown in to is absolutely oblivious. It's normal to drink a soda every day or eat pizza for dinner 3 nights a week. That's why the average weight of an American adult has increased 24 pounds over the past 30 years!  According to Joe Fuhrman, MD, "America is the richest nation on the face of the earth with the most abundant supply of affordable healthy food, yet according to the USDA, less than 5% of Americans get their minimum daily requirement of nutrients." At an early age, we've become used to eating a diet based on what's convenient and easy. But 70% of twelve-year olds have already developed signs of heart disease! Lately I've been focusing really hard on changing my eating habits and doing good for my body. Cool Whip, and other such products can lead to an early death! So don't eat it!

Death: Anthony S. Archuleta

Ana Escalante sits in her kitchen reflecting the memories of her father. Being of Mexican descent, "Dia de los Muertos" is a significant holiday that is traditionally celebrated in her culture. Rest in Peace.

Death - Mike Fabricius

There have been a lot of great musicians that have passed on throughout the years. One that stands out to me is John Lennon. I respect John Lennon for what he stood for. For those that don't know Mr. Lennon was an anti-war, civil rights, political activist who wrote the song, "Imagine".

Death: AMM

Playgrounds have always held a particularly creepy feeling for me. Not simply because they are often made of sharp, metal objects. Rather, because they symbolize that fragile moment when we leave childhood behind and venture into adulthood. I can’t help but think about all the children who once found joy there, and have since abandoned the simple pleasures of their youth for the complications that await us when we grow up.

Death: "Phillina Martinez"

How do you define death in one photo? It can mean so many different things depending on your interpretation. I decided to visit a cemetery where I could find many ideologies that symbolize death. In my opinion angels represents a part of death that brings comfort to something that is feared by most.