Monday, February 28, 2011

RICH-Nick B.

What better way to measure wealth and success then your home? How big is your home, how many cars can fit in the garage, is it in a good neighborhood? But what happens when your kicked out of your home? You lose your social status and you are suddenly categorized as "poor".
With age your former home now sits empty, a free for all for nature and vandals to slowly tear down. But does this make you not a "Rich" person anymore, that the only thing you have to show for is the memories of this former home.

Rich: Carl Farrier

This was a fun concept to come up with! I had a dream about one of my crazy friends with a wade of cash coming out of his mouth. The reason this dream came up was because I couldn't stop thinking about the assigment so this is what i ended up dreaming about. When I brought the idea to my friend he thought I was nuts. Crazy Rich is what I call it.

Rich: Junior Robles

Most of us think of money when we think of the word - rich. For some of us when we think of the word rich we think of velvet-red cake! This soft, RICH, tasty cake will make your mouth water. This cake makes an awesome dessert. It's okay to devour one of these babies once every year! So, grab a fork and maybe a glass of milk and attack it! Generously (if possible).

Rich: Ariel Elich

We are the head of this world, the Kings of the living, rich with knowledge to the point that we have become stupid. We rule here and yet we do it in a way that any smart King from the past would know is a Kingdom headed for disaster. We even know that we are headed for disaster but do nothing or little to change our course as a human race. Why are there so many of us who are blinded by greed, blinded my money and blinded by power? Why can't they see that they are going to ruin themselves and everyone else with them? Who do I talk about? The Oil Lords of the 21st century. Why are we investing all we have on a dieing resource? Because if they were to explore other options they would be forced to split up their Kingdom and loose some of their riches. But the saddest part in all of this? They will never know what true richness is, what it feels like to be the wealthiest person alive, because true wealth and true power doesn't come from oil or money or greed, it comes form love.


"All men dream: but not equally." To be 'rich' in wealth, good company, territory, flavor or vibrance, it was difficult to determine what I thought the word should mean; 'plentiful' and 'abundant' according to Websters. I struggled to find a good representation of the word and eventually confused myself, hindering any creative progress. Being rich in color or flavor was an initial plan but I never really felt good about any of the shots I got. There's a reason why I distance myself from food photography. For as long as I can remember, I've fantasized about venturing off to uncharted islands, in search of buried treasure. It's right up there with learning the ways of the Force, and flying, so, in short, this is a representation of the search for wealth (to become rich)
A bit of a stretch I know, but finding treasure is about as likely as me becoming rich; but that's fine I don't need to be rich, I just don't want to struggle.
(note: I also got to play with fire)

Inspired by the popular video game series "Uncharted" by Naughty Dog
Outfit Reference Photo

Drew Lundquist BLOG

Sunday, February 27, 2011

RICH - Justin Wilhelm

Update: Re-shoot of Martini splash 3/07/2011

Rich is something that I am not. Rich is something that I probably won't ever be. But, when I want to feel rich, I drink a martini. That's what all the fancy rich people do. Pinky out!

RICH: Lauren Larsen

DIRTY.DIRTY.RICH.RICH. I got my inspiration for this alternative, rich scene from the one and only Lady Gaga. Using a model with tattoo's and a 'harder' look while in a feminine pose, with a high fashion outfit, composes my idea perfectly. Using repeating patterns and mainly black and white color her tattoo's shine through. The clash of both is eye catching..

Model:Ashley Neutgens
©Lauren Alysse Larsen
For more photographs:

Rich- Lalena Jaramillo

What does it mean to be rich? My grandfather has always said to be rich in you pocket you must be rich in your mind. I decided to photograph a book in motion because gaining knowledge is never ending. “The more you learn, the more you earn.” This is his most famous saying as well as the one I hold closest to heart.

Rich: Emily Schulte

Recently I've been a little obsessed with painting.  When I should be doing my homework, I chose to paint instead, but at least it's better than watching television or cruising the internet all day.  While painting the other day, I saw a great photo opportunity to demonstrate the concept "rich" right in front me.  I realized while I was mixing paint that the colors seemed to all blend together and look very rich.  That is what I tried to capture in this image.  Thanks to my lensbaby, I was able to make all the colors blend together in order to create the same feeling I felt while painting.