Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hunter Baar- Green

The rare beautiful green Death Star plant is a cross breed of Sensi Star(female) by East Coast Sour Diesel (male) comes from Ohio. the red hairs and silver crystals give great happiness and calms you down when you are around it.


Katelyn Lumpkins- Green!

"April showers brings May flowers." Lately everything has been gray and gloomy, but once the spring rain storms pass our gardens are lush and flowers are flourishing. These grape hyacinth flowers are especially thriving on this spring morning after the nightly rain shower.

Sean Alexander - Green

The leaves return to the tree’s vibrantly, something I have sorely missed as the depressingly barren branches incite only melancholy and dull thoughts.

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Amanda Jade Corrales- Green

EarthDog Daycare is one of the friendliest and "GREEN"-est dog Day cares in town! My little ones love to spend their free time at EarthDog Daycare tugging ropes, swimming in the outdoor swimming pool, or even having an organic dog treat! This facility holds summer swim sessions and doggie dates for all the owners and pups alike.

One of my favorite things to do is play Frisbee with my "Aussie" Shepard, and sometimes I even out play her!

These pups have the look I want to see when I bring my furry little friends home from daycare!

Green - Matt Speck

In this photo is a Leaf Nosed Rat Snake named, Bamboo. She is an education animal at the Denver Zoo and her purpose is teaching all ages about habitat destruction. She is from the rain forests in Vietnam, which due to human destruction she is losing her habitat. Her leaf shaped nose is adapted so that she may blend into her environment and avoid predation.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Green-Caitlin McBride

When given the word "green" to portray in a photograph I immediately thought of greenery. I love spring, and seeing flowers bloom and the green grass emerge over the brown fields of winter. It makes me feel new and fresh. I went to my friends house on a beautiful Friday and went out to her backyard. Her yard is full of dead grass, but on the side yard there was cluster of flowers that had sprung up. I immediately grabbed my camera and photographed this beautiful beginning of spring.

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Green - Casey Bieker

With the price of Diesel and Gasoline these days if you have to ask how much it is it may be too much. Unfortunately it effects everything that's shipped to out stores and all in transit within our big rigs. High MPG's (miles per gallon) and going green never seemed more imperative with gasoline nearing $4/gallon. I fear we might see the rise of scooter gangs that silently terrorize the neighborhoods of our big cities.

Green - Joey Jene

Paw Paw, IL a small town of only 866, lies in the northern part of Illinois. It is the Home of one of the first Wind Farms in the State of IL. The farm is comprised of 63 turbines and supply's power to 13,000 homes. The power is purchased by ComEd.