Sunday, August 12, 2012

Matthew Moore: Distortion

Lamp Post By The Lake 2012 © Matthew Moore
Distortion is the act or state of being malformed or garbled or the impression of being something or someone else.

With the notion of impressionism in mind I decided to go out and photograph a common subject using my DSLR—a tool that is typically used to illustrate the true likeness of it's subject. However, instead of using a standard lens I borrowed a Lensbaby Muse.

A Lensbaby is a special kind of lens designed for SLR cameras that uses a simple lens and built-in bellows to create some special-effects such as selective focus often found in view-cameras.

With practice and the correct aperture ring set in place I was able to capture an impressionistic perspective of a lamp post along the charming lake in City Park, Denver.

Next time you're in a funk or need some creative inspiration I highly recommend giving the Lensbaby a try.

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