Monday, April 23, 2012

Funky: Moriah Gallagher

Funky is a very broad term that means different things for different people.
For some, it is a music genre from the 1960s.Likewise, it could be seen as a fashion statement that was either popular in the same time frame or even a more modern version.
Since the age of five (when I accidentally drank old milk), it has had only one meaning to me, and that is the most literal definition: moldy.  Mold makes any food dangerous to eat, so that instead of provided nourishment, it now is a threat in itself.  Not only is that warped enough to be "funky", but the smell is horrible enough that even an image like this one could bring that remembered scent resurface.


  1. This is kinda gross but beautiful at the same time. Anytime I see mold it makes me gag, I would not have even been able to take this shot. You did a beautiful job maintaining the textures and making it an interesting photo to look at

  2. What a cool shot. The colors are so rich and the texture is unbelievable. For me thats is what the shot is all about. Simple yet elegant, very nice shot.