Tuesday, August 31, 2010

When I like of classic, I think of water droplets on plants. It feels more alive to me with moisture on it.

Jason Rowe Classic.

 Classic: of the first or highest quality, class, or rank: a classic pieceof work. Classic, for me, presents a timeless quality that out-stands trends and fads. However influential modern and avante-garde photographs may be, those that are classic will last and be admired the longest.

Classic Ashley O'Brien

This image represents the classic image of a newborn baby. I choose to do this in black and white to give a more classical feel. Classical images can be a very soft and meaningful image.

Classic - Josh Chavez

This image represents a classical time when women would ALWAYS dress up fancy, with little hats, dresses, etc. The only difference is that in this one, the woman is to be perceived as a crazy person, with the dramatic make-up and mischievous look in her eyes.

Classical Bad Girl

This is our generations version of the 50's bad girl. Simple pretty face always with a ciggarette in her mouth just coolin.


First off let me say, you are amazing! You were always there for me when I needed you, and for that I thank you…but I've moved on. I'm sorry, it's just that you slow me down. There's a whole exciting world out there, and…and…I'm not going to just sit around waiting for you. I'm really sorry...I have to go.

Classic Leathermen - Mike Maez

I captured this image using my my smart phone and fxcamera app. It is a "digital polaroid". It reminds me of the classic images I have seen of leather men in the 70's.

Gallagher - Classic

A old rotary phone from the early 1900's. The phone still works, all that new is a new phone jack cord, which was replaced in 1987. Its a great phone to have around, because when the power goes out it still works. Thank god for old classic phones.

Classic / Matt Lowery

1960's America: classic traditions race head to head with a now embarrassingly classic futurism. An explosion of modernity sweeps the Western world. Mom no longer knows what's best; science does. Ranch-style suburbanism and golf weekends push out family evenings and hamburger joints. Somehow, in the confusion, orange becomes the upholstery color of choice, and Tiki lounges seem like a great idea.

I spied this at the Denver Modernism Show this weekend and grabbed the nearest camera. Here an established form of old school fun is seemingly abandoned for a future full of Bakelite promises and electric cooking bliss.

Modernity. Is. Awesome. Just ask Charles Phoenix.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Classic by Josie Lam

Classic can be defined in many ways . . .

When classic comes to mind, I think of

black and white and polka dots.

However, there are other things that are classic that aren't necessarily black and white.

Another classic thing that has always struck my mind is this adorable iconic.  
(which you all know who it is heh)

Classic by Shandi Jones

When I think of "classic" I think of my 1970
Honda 600. It was one of the first Honda's
ever shipped to the United States back in
1970, the same year I was born....
So does that make me a classic too?


"Something of lasting worth"

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Now this is classic

What is 'Classic'? Wikipedia states it is "..something of lasting worth or with a timeless quality." There are so many things people classify as classic. An old car, a song, or some other physical object. To me, classic is an older person living life and having fun. Whether it be the old man I met down town Tuesday pretending to be George Clooney because I had my camera or my mom helping with a portrait session and having some fun with me. This picture will have some timeless quality to me.