Monday, March 21, 2011

Spicy - Junior Robles

Let me introduce you to Tabasco's Spicy Wheel of Peppers! This particular flavor is special because it comes in green. Tabasco pepper sauce goes great on anything, even your mother-in-laws awful food. Try it!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spicy- Lalena Jaramillo

My father likes his food as spicy as it gets! I remember being little and my dad gave me a bite of his green chili. My eye’s watered up, my nose was running, and my mouth was on fire! Ever since the common hot sauce might as well be a lit match in my mouth. It may all be in my head but to this day I attribute my hate for spice to my dad.

spicy: Ariel Elich

There she was in all her spicy glory walking through my front door. Her hair a bright orange and peach, a mistake, but for me it was a wonderful gift. It was at that moment that inspiration flew into me, and a photo popped into my head.

This photograph is the continuation of a series I started over a year ago. There is something extremely satisfying about painting a living breathing human. Using the skin as my canvas and the body contours to guide my hand is a wonderful and unique experience. The painting allows me to take the creative experience to a higher level. Then being able to make this temporary art permanent, using photography, satisfies my craving for artistic outlet even more.

See more of the series at:


Most food is a little bland in my opinion and more often than not I tend load up whatever meal I can with various peppers, spices and hot sauces to give it that extra kick! Every once in a while however, I bite off a little more I can chew and end up breaking a hot sweat on my lunch break. When that happens, this is how I feel inside! Lips dry the more I wet them, and every breath ignites a scorching burn like the sun to a pale kid at a water park! I love it!


SPICY: Lauren Larsen

Spicy can be a feeling or the way an outfit makes you feel. I wanted to incorporate that with the repeating colors of red and black in a mock this Nine West advertisement.

Model: Suzie C'de Baca
Photographer: Lauren Larsen

Spicy - Justin Wilhelm

In anticipation of all the spicy foods and peppers I imagined we would see today I thought that I would bring the beverages.  Beer is quite possibly my most favorite beverage to calm the heat from spicy foods (not just because I love beer), but because the carbonation really does help to 'scrub' your palette. It also does not leave the tannins that wine does which allows you to fully taste both the beverage and the food.  So the next time you sit down to that spicy red curry at your favorite thai restaurant remember to order a beer.  Better yet, skip the Heineken and order a Hitachino Nest White Ale!

Justin Wilhelm

Spicy: Schulte

What's the first thing you think of when you hear the word spicy?  Hot peppers, of course!