Friday, October 19, 2012

The Element of Revenge- Michelle McClelland Post

Here you will see an image of one of the first marshmallow camp outs that practice human shish kabobing and roasting heads over an open camp fire; now a  family favorite in many marshmallow homes. No kid can resist the sweet and salty taste as well as the crunchy texture.           

Their once was a peaceful kingdom in a faraway land. But one day greedy, hungry men came from outside of the kingdom and devoured the peaceful villages and everything within them. Saddened to find out their beloved king was thrown into a large cup of hot milk and chocolate, the marshmallow people ran in fear of being eaten, and became lost with out their beloved king! Soon their hearts filled with anger, hurt, and confusion they found themselves pondering the elements of revenge. They no longer stood in fear but rallied up and hunted each and every man that took part in destroying their peaceful land and robbing them of their families.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ashley Ecklund: Elements

Fire: the element of destruction and warmth. A contradiction in itself. Needed for both life and a vehicle for death. A single flame flickers with the slightest of breeze with the threat of going out. Multiplied however, fire is all-consuming and powerful. The metaphorical flame within us as humans can flicker and struggle to stay lit if we so choose. However with a little coaxing, the fire can burn brightly and passionately, igniting  the drive to succeed. The drive to be. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Elements: Thomas Palos

In the depths of the world there is a dark side to everything. Halloween brings out fear and excitement for all ages. Why not be scared by one of the most powerful elements of the world, fire. Fire brings out skulls and nighttime. Fire can burn things down and help light an area when scared to death by something unthought of. Happy Halloween!!

Elements: Cam Parsons

Brainstorming for this assignment really sent my brain on a journey. Thinking about how everything on this planet can be broken down into such a limited number of elements. From the rocks on the ground, to the microscopic cells that make up my body. Kind of an overwhelming thought, right?

Elements: Christi Bode

Dried creek bed - Parker, CO

An abandoned rusting doll stroller lays on the edge of the dried creek bed.  Impressions of Teva sandal footprints vanish off into the distance.  Canine fecal matter in piles of pyramidal magnitudes decorate the sandy path.  I look up and take in my surroundings; I am neither in a litter box or the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.  Cookie-cutter houses line the large open-space, guarded by a wooden fence surrounding the perimeter; they are protected from the wild jungle down here in the sand.  This sand feels anything but inviting.  Taking off my shoes wasn't an option.
I picked up the remainders of the rusty stroller and threw it in the trash.  Sand is a delicate element of the environment and needs to be treated like gold.

Sincerely the Treehugger,
Christi B.

Elements- Michelle McClelland

Slipping away moment by moment, sweet giggles and pleasant sounds of polite people that passed on the street. Music once played here, and first kisses once exchanged - but time riddled those memories as it did the very land they stood upon...history they all would say. I don't remember time ever passing as fast as it does now, and the sheer panic of this realization that it only progresses faster as you age!  My struggle to control this uncontrollable force led me here to capture the love of a still frame, that precise moment when light and time collide to make an absolute replication of a memory that will stay long after my mind and body had betrayed me. It is in the element of time that history is built, happiness and life is created, as well as death and sorrow. The greatest equalizer of all things – time.

Elements: Ryan Bilawsky

No matter how old I get, fire is still a guilty pleasure of mine. I know, I know, its dangerous and you could really do some damage, but ever since I was a kid I've been a spastic little pyro that can't keep his hands off a book a matches. Luckily, it has toned down these days. I'm not a serial arsonist and I won't burn down the school, but don't tempt me with a firecracker or two...

Heres a cool clip of a Molotov Cocktail exploding in slow motion.

Sarah Eslinger: Elements

As a student in school, I was never very good in science. I could never quite grasp the concept of "science" and how things worked. Well, even though I wasn't good at it, it still interested me. When shooting this concept of "elements" I was staring off into space for ideas. *because that always works right?

I happened to look up and see a row of light bulbs. They were as clear as fishbowls and I could see exactly where the light was coming from. Electricity pumps into the light bulbs, sparking a fire, giving us light. So I decided "Hey, why not shoot that." The lights are something most people wouldn't think twice about because we've all grown so accustom to having them. In reality, not many of us could explain exactly how they work. In the end, these are basic elements of life that rule us. It's interesting to think about...

Monday, October 15, 2012

Elements: Paige L. Hill

Boy in Leaves
Ahh.... Fall.... So glad it’s finally here. I love this time of year. Leaves with the breeze are being nocked free form the trees as they change. And let’s not forget, time for rolling around with your rugby ball. The cool breezes are just enough to need socks and to curl up on the sofa under a blanket. You can just feel the cool kisses of the wind on your cheek as you laugh along with this photograph.

Elements: Anna Keiser

There is an energy in the changing seasons. An element of fire, as things change so quickly. The leaves are dying dramatically, turning bright shades of red or yellow. Who knew that death could be so beautiful? The blurry aspect of this photo signifies the fleeting flames that a fire has. I stepped away from man-made structures in this concept because this tree was too beautiful.

Elements: Kevin Reeve

Egg in whisk ©Kevin Reeve

The elements of Cuisine
In the years that chefs spend in the kitchen refining and developing technique, we rely on fundamental elements and skills that form the basis of even the most complex preparations. It is the smallest things, done impeccably and with love, that elevate seemingly lowly ingredients to a transcending level.

It is with this same dedication to the process of photography that I have transitioned from behind the scenes in the kitchen to behind the camera in the studio. The parallels between preparing food and making photographs are too many to detail individually, but is it suffice to say that the pursuit of technique and the dedication to the creative process runs equally deep in both professions.