Saturday, July 30, 2011

Window - Blair Bost

This is a bit of an abstraction of window.

It can be a confusing photo at first, but it ties into the theme.

The bottom shape is a reflection through a window. From across the street, a motorcycle is parked with it's mirror directed so perfectly at my window. The natural light is reflected from the mirror to a mirror in my apartment, back onto the wall facing it.

The top shape is a circular mirror reflecting light from the window.

The only photoshop editing I did was darkening the area around the shapes to increase visibility, as well as turning the image black and white.

Blair Ryukyu Bost

WINDOWS: Annie Bade

We often hear the phrase, ”The eyes are the window to the soul.” I wonder then if this is somehow true as well for buildings? What truths may live behind these “eyes” we call windows?

Image 1: One of Denver’s oldest standing farmhouses, surrounded by the hustle - bustle of urban sprawl, still holds its own in time. Could that be a tear I see streaming from its eye on the right?

Image 2, 3: If you were mining silver near the small mountain town of Ashcroft, Colorado (elevation 9521 ft) around 1883 and stopped in for a swig or two of whisky here, this might be your view from within. And so, perhaps you might be part of the soul that lives behind the “eyes” of the old “Blue Mirror Saloon”.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

WEATHER: Annie Bade

The storms, they are “a’ brewin”. Seems this summer especially has brought a theatric display of nightly seasonal thunderstorms, to be accompanied by an even more dramatic performance of memorable light shows. The early part of the day held clear blue skies against the lush green July environment. But that proverbial Colorado continental divide soon served up the likes of a witches brew, as it evoked from the elements a steamy caldron of mysterious clouds. I love watching the weather do its magic, don’t you? I shot this from the thirteenth floor of a building I used to work in near I-25 and Colorado Boulevard, with a telephoto attached to my buddy, Nikon. A few hours later the brew manifested its fury and once again this July we witnessed Mother Nature’s magic.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Candy:Nicole Marcelli

Mmmmmm, Tree-O- Lollipops! Looking up at this bright, fun, colorful display of treats with so many shapes and flavors, how do you pick just one? I remember as a child looking at this and having the hardest time choosing just one and to this day I still cant pick just one. Gotta love the inner child.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Candy: Annie Bade

Just trying to get OUT O' THE HEAT yesterday at the Cherry Creek Mall, when I came across a cute little kiosk of hair accessories. WOW, this stuff looks good enough to eat. I call it Hair Candy. Too bad I don't have enough hair to use any of these yummy looking things.

Weather: Myles Hessling

These images were taken last Thursday night during a severe thunderstorm. I saw the lightning in he distance around sunset, and knew there would be a good opputunity for some long exposure, lightning shots. So I got my gear together, and as I walked out the door, it had just begun to sprinkle. By the time I had driven the 10 blocks to my location, sheets of rain were pouring down, visability was at a minimum, and the streets had become canals. This was a moment I was happy I had my Canon 7D, with its professional wethear sealing. The camera had less problems in the rain than he photographer. Once I reachd my spot, which required going through streets with knee deep waters, I set up my camera and began firing away. As you can see, the images were worth the effort.

Candy: Chelsie Moore

When thinking of the concept “candy” I had no idea what to photograph. I am not a big candy fan, but I do love the fruity taste of Skittles. I know that looking at a pile of 500 skittles can hurt the eye a little bit with all the different bright colors, so for this shot I decided to do a sort of macro shot then added an additional blurred vignette so your eye goes towards the middle of the photograph.

Candy: Geoff Ridenour

This week’s concept shot comes out of the studio. In doing some research on contemporary advertising campaigns I came across 5 Gum by Wrigley. I wanted to make a photograph that would fit in with their current work. The advertisements contain a few common aesthetics; a clean, vibrant combination of photography and digital illustration. While I wasn't initially confident with the assigned topic of candy, I think it forced me to research an unfamiliar subject and push my creative boundaries.

Geoff Ridenour

Colorado Based Commercial, Documentary Travel and Fine Art Photographer

Archival Fine Art Prints Available on Request.

Candy: Myles Hessling

This image is a homage to all the weird and strange Altoids ads that have been circulating over the years. I wanted to recreate the distinct red can color in my images, so I added it as an after effect. I retrospect wish I didn't colored the person in red, as this is too much. Overall the image came out as I had pre-visualized in in the tub.

Weather: Chelsie Moore

When you are without a car for a week while lots of crazy storms are going on it is kind of hard to go out and take some cool storm pictures. I would have loved to go storm chasing for this assignment but instead I walked across the street on a sunny day with a few clouds, and take some pictures. With this picture I added a glow filter to make it look dreamier.

Candy - Blair Bost

When I first pondered the theme candy,

another word that stuck in my head was addictive.

Candy is very addicting for children, but usually they grow from that.

Drugs can become our next stage of addiction.

Drugs can become candy.

Some never grow from that.

Candy-Nick Belohlavy

Candy is delicious. There are so many kinds, flavors, textures, colors the possibilities are endless. You only live once, try it all.

Weather: Benjamin Coors

Weathering: the action of the weather conditions in altering the color, texture, composition or form of exposed objects; specifically: the physical disintegration and chemical decomposition of earth materials at or near the earth's surface. Photo taken in Abiquiu, New Mexico.

Candy: Danielle Mondragon

Forget the coffee break. This is my ode to the days when all of your worries revolved around which crayon to color with, what sugar coated cereal to eat and which sandbox to play in. No adult responsibilities, bills, jobs, mortgage. Just a throw back to the days when you were allowed to look at the world through gumdrop colored glasses.

Danielle Mondragon

Weather: Nicole Marcelli

Don't like the weather in Colorado? Wait 5 minuets and it will change. I have sat here for 5 min waiting for something else to type and nothing has changed. Maybe because Im waiting for the change and needing to accept that I make the change. So am I the storm? Maybe.....

Weather: Danielle Mondragon

After over a week of monsoon weather storms, the sun has been out with a vengeance. The heat and humidity didn’t stop anyone from coming out to relax at the neighborhood pool and enjoy. Being on the other side of fence made me as green with envy as the grass was green because of the rain.

Danielle Mondragon

Weather - Blair Bost

The sky was booming, the hail was pounding,

and there was a rainbow at the end to remind us no matter how bad the storm was,

something beautiful can appear from it.

Candy: Benjamin Coors

1956 Chevy Bel Air

Children have chocolate bars and lollipops. Men have big,

expensive, classic cars.

Weather: Geoff Ridenour

Tornado Forming Over Aurora, Co

As storms continue to advance on Denver; a large, dense cloud formation forms west of Buckley Air Force Base. The storm cell never fully formed, dissipating quickly and leaving Aurora residents untouched.

Geoff Ridenour

Colorado Based Commercial, Documentary Travel and Fine Art Photographer

Archival Fine Art Prints Available on Request.

Weather-Nick Belohlavy

Just south of downtown Denver where the land opens up, a thunderstorm had just come through. After all the wind, rain, and lightning. There is an eerie calmness as the thunderstorm moves away, giving away to bold saturated colors and constant changing clouds.