Monday, April 23, 2012

Funky: Danielle Saler


When most think of funk, music comes to mind. When I think of funky music, James Brown's Gonna Have a Funky Good Time comes to mind. I always place images and shapes with melodies and sounds when listening to music. Music inspires the way I frame a scene. Being able to tell a story in one frame is just as hard as conveying emotion and feelings in a three minute song. Everyone's interpretation of FUNKY is always going to be different. I challenge you to find your funk.



  1. I think this is a strong image and I like how you tied it to your paragraph. The angle of the stairs almost reminds me of a music scale stepping down. I like that you used reflections from another building to fill in the dark areas and create some visual interest.

  2. Danielle, I like the shot it is very architectural and graphic. I feel like the shot itself is living in a weird place though because it seems like it is trying to be both architectural and abstract at the same time, pushing it one way or the other I think will finish it off. By that I mean either crop it smaller so that it is even more abstract or straighten it so it is a straight architecture shot? Also size it bigger in the blog, it is a nice shot let people be absorbed into it without having to click on it again. Let them stay with it while they read the text. As for the text I get confused by the second sentence, but that might be just me. I want more though overall from the text. It feels like you go from a factoid to self discovery to audience engagement too abruptly? Take your time more with each part, why is James Brown's song your thought process with funky, what is it about music that connects with you while you shoot and why you love it, and then connect more with the audience more than just saying "I challenge you" it is too aggressive. I think that by adding more though you will be engaged with the audience already, maybe more text and that connection will make a challenge seem less aggressive. LASTLY (I promise) I think the links are fine, but if you are going to put blank links like "flickr" and they are all about you, make it more about you for SEO... "Danielle Saler on Flickr" and stuff like that to help your online presence and visibility.