Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring- Hunter Baar

Spring in the Rockies brings excitement to people in Colorado, because its concert season in at Red Rocks. People that come to Red Rocks hate the hike up the hundreds of stairs but enjoy the walk down as this slinky also does.

Spring - Devan Dennis

When I think of Spring I mostly see the warming of the Winter and the melting of the snow. I picture beautiful botanicals defying the cold to capture any light they can simply to bloom. It is from all the harsh cold that this water comes to be and give life to the warmer of things.

Spring - Casey Bieker

Spring in Colorado always seems like a tease in that you get a taste of it then it's gone again. The "newness" of spring with all the greenery and flowers is caged up and held back repeatedly in the last battle with Winter before we get to see it full force.

SPRING - Matt Speck

I always want new clothes when spring time hits.

Spring - Joey Jene

It's Spring again, which means it's time for hours of Frisbee golf, hanging out with friends and enjoying the weather. John Hudson putting on hole 8 at Johnny Roberts Memorial Park, Arvada, Colorado.

Spring-Caitlin McBride

Whenever I think of spring I think of happiness because winter is over!

Spring - Amanda Corrales

Jump into Spring! Now is the perfect kind of weather to grab your skateboard and Go! You know you've been dreaming about this warm weather all winter long.

Spring - Sean Alexander

Whenever spring comes around It always makes me want to go hiking. Traveling out to White River National Forest I did exactly that, and the snow on the classic Colorado mountains was just beginning to melt. It was a perfect environment for me to begin this season's travel around the Colorado landscape.

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