Friday, September 10, 2010

Guilty by Shandi Kay

When I think of the word guilt, I am immediately taken back to my childhood. Taken back to the 5th grade to be exact. I'm sure I there were many times I felt guilty before then, but non that I remember so well.

Over the years my grandmother had faithfully sorted through her change and saved every coin from my birth year. She purchased a book for them and filled it up with all the coins she had collected. It was a sweet gift, she was always so thoughtful. Which makes the fact that I took all the coins out and used them to buy chocolate bars filled with carmel even worse. I've always felt guilty about doing that, and to this day collect any coins I find from by birth year.

Sorry Grandma!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Delicious - Gallagher

What is better than a slice of home-made NY cheese cake.

Delicious - Josh Chavez

It's September, the month that all Fashion connoisseurs look most forward to. These people desperately await the new trends and styles that designers are to showcase in each of this month's issues of Vogue, Marie Claire, and Harper's Bazaar. This, to many people, is a delicious event; it's delightful and tastefully pleasing.

Delicious: highly pleasing to the senses.

This technique is seen in a variety of contemporary fashion advertisements and it is one of the most visually pleasing methods being done. 

However simple, I love how the colors run together and cause you to focus on the subject and admire the scene for what it is. 

Delicious / Matt Lowery

Grapefruit is delicious. Full of everything good, it help you digest your breakfast and cleanses your mouth. It is best eaten alone, but adding a small amount of sugar will bring out the flavor. I can't see how anything could be more delicious than this.


To a medical marijuana patient this is what we would call delicous. Fresh from the store roll up a blunt and get that delicous mary jane in your lungs and feel at ease with your pane.


Yummy!!! A delicious strawberry!

Delicious by Josie Lam

The mouth-watering goodness of a delicious burger and yummy fries and a cold soft drink to keep your belly satisfied. You can't help to crave one of these babies every once in a while!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Delicious by Shandi Jones

When I think of the word "Delicious" the first thing that comes to mind is chocolate. Is there really anything more delicious than that? Not for me!

The one thing that makes these even more special was that a friend made them. She showed up at my door with these delicious treats and a card, now that is a true friend!

Delicious? I guess so. gives three diffenitions. One is about the Golden and Red Delicious apples. The other two talk about something very pleasing to the senses or something delightful. As photographers we have the power to make things look terrible or great or "delicious" and that is what we get paid to do. To make people look great or "very pleasing to the senses". The picture I post is todays delicious, but not yesterdays. Will this be it tomorrow or something we won't even recognize?

Delicious Sensory Play - Mike Maez


highly pleasing to the senses, esp. to taste or smell: adelicious dinner; a delicious aroma.
very pleasing; delightful: a delicious sense of humor.

When blind folded the other senses are heightened which can be very delicious to someone who is into sensory play. In this image Brent had Brad bound to a St. Andrew's Cross and used various objects to play with Brad's sense of touch.


de·li·cious-Very pleasant; delightful