Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sound: Phillina Martinez

This photo is a vintage radio that was handed down to me. It represents a time when the radio was the only thing that some families had for entertainment. It helped spread the sound of music!  

Sound: AMM

This is the sound of an over-worked case manager. Jill works the night shift with me at the Adams County JAC. Occasionally at the end of the night, when your desk is covered in endless paper work, and your to-do list keeps getting longer and longer, you just have to take a moment and scream.

Sound: Philip Burdette

Sound is a wonderful thing; it can be so simple an beautiful and yet so raw and packed with emotion. I wanted to capture the raw power of sound in a photograph. Using a red, green, and blue light I tried to replicate the overwhelming power and creativity sound has on people. It is straight forward and in your face just like sound.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sound: Candice Swanson

The beautiful sound of guitar strings and my grandpa’s voice always made me relax and let all my troubles go for a couple of minutes. When I think of sound I remember when my grandpa was alive, singing and playing the guitar to calm my nerves before a big event or just to get me to relax and fall sleep. Since he passed away I love to go listen to others play the magical guitar.

SOUND: Raydene Salinas

Images: Raydene Salinas & Stock images.

Sound: Sharon Arnoldi

Apple Computer is the best example that technology isn't just about the specs anymore.  Their computers have a look that is sexy and modern with sleek lines, innovative design and eye catching displays. That's not to say that Apple doesn't have the specs to go along with their technology - because they do.  But as a consumer I am more drawn to things that are stylish or pretty instead of perfect specs and butt ugly.  I don't want to have to buy a cabinet to put my ugly $30 speakers in to keep them off my desk.  Technology isn't only about allowing you to edit that image, download a video, or create a word document anymore, but more so a battle between style, size and features.  

I bought these Harmon Kardon brand speakers to essentially look cool on my desk.  I wasn't too concerned about having the loudest sound or the deepest bass but more so the looks.  I can definitely tell that I got what I paid for, they are cool looking but lacking in sound quality.

Sound: MacKenzie Bush

The concept of sound really brings the idea of instruments to mind. They convey the players emotions and bring the audience into that. 
This is an instrument that I love to listen to and would one day like to play. 
It inspires me to create new images, because an artist for the piano is restricted to a certain amount of keys,and sounds it can make, to create new art. I am restricted to my own creativity and I feel like it challenges me to think out of  my own box.

Sound : Kelsey Hansen

Music is one of my escapes from the rush of everyday life. There is something about music that nothing else can do for me some days. It can be turned up loud when I am frustrated, or there is even music that is softer and more mellow. No matter my mood, there is always some music that accompanies me and my mood throughout my day.

Sound: Mike Fabricius

     Earphones are a wonderful creation. They let me listen to my music anywhere, as they are small and portable. I'm a big fan of music, my library spans vast genre's and decades. Music is an art form that has powerful effect on our brain and emotions. According to Diane Bales, Ph.D., "Some of these music pathways actually affect the way we think. Listening to classical music can improve our spatial reasoning, at least for a short time. And learning to play an instrument may have an even longer effect on certain thinking skills." 
     Technical bits- this is a macro shot of earphones. I lit this using my speedlight modified with a Lumiquest 80-20 bounce diffuser. In post I used Lightroom 3 to add a blue-red duotone and rounded edge.

Sound: Cameron Dabney

Vintage! Nothing says sound like a classic record player. Throughout a life time, only the best artists have produced records that only a few people have in their collections. Record players have become less and less popular as new technology is produced, but those who own a record player appreciate it and the sound it creates! They take you back to a whole new era...

Sound: Jeff Sipes

Sound was the hardest concept blog to come up with.  How do you take a photograph of something that you can't see?  You really can't take a photograph of sound, it is something you have to hear or see the word itself.  I don't think that you can show something that makes a sound because people would think it's just a photograph of the product.  I thought that trains have been all around the country and they have been around every sound possible, so what would know better than a train that sound is everywhere?

SOUND: Anthony S. Archuleta

Is it the pain, the anger, the aggression? You be the judge.
Model: Cameron Sanders