Thursday, October 27, 2011

Urban: Jared Williams

We live in an ever-expanding world where what you see today may very well be gone tomorrow, never to be seen again. Modern buildings are replacing those out dated on a regular basis. Modern architects could learn a thing or two from the fashion industry, and I’m sure not only on how to dress. What I really like about fashion is that it’s timelessness. It doesn’t follow trend but in fact sets them. The styles you see today may be gone tomorrow but they’ll always come back. If suspenders, cardigans, or leather jackets ever go out of style it’s probably because the world ended.  

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Creepy: AJ Anderson

The little girl is close family friend that I shot in the studio cut out in photoshop, then put her in the background of the graveyard.


I have a friend who is a serious horror movie buff.  Her collection of memorabilia from the movies comes out during the Halloween season.  The interesting part for me though, isn't the memorabilia, but the way she sets them out among her normal living room items.  The teddy bear is what makes the Chucky doll so creepy for me.  The lamp gives off a great yellow glow to light the action figure.   The editing I did was just to accentuate the aspects of the items where they set and to apply a bit of my own intensity. 

Creepy:CJ Evans

Bugs are some of the creepiest thing on this planet, from spiders to that gross looking fly on the wall. At The Spot in Boulder they were all about creepy since it was Psychedelia! It's a climbing competition/costume contest where the only light you get is a bunch of black lights and neon colors to see. You never know what you will find when everything glows in the dark.

Creepy: David C. Benson

(krē') pronunciation
 adj. Informal, -i·er, -i·est.
  1. Of or producing a sensation of uneasiness or fear, as of things crawling on one's skin: a creepy feeling; a creepy story.

    By definition a kettle of fish may not be creepy, instead it may be just slimy.  But, when you are taking a photograph in the middle of Trader Joe's in Palo Alto, California at 9:30 in the morning, that's creepy!

Creepy: Berry Oliver

Light can be used to give a sense of warmth and comfort. However if you use light in combination with total darkness, it can have the reverse effect and make you feel uncomfortable and scared.

Creepy: Chris Bebout

What the eyes see or in this case don't see, the mind will interpret what it thinks is there. This creepy fenced off abandoned factory (Gates Rubber Factory) was playing games with my mind. Letting my imagination get the best of me, I created an Image in my head of what was in front of me, only to see the truth as I walked forward.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Creepy: Jazzmin Windey

While in Las Vegas I found out a not so "warm feeling" secret.  The characters that align the street, that many parents let their kids take pictures with, are actually not as wholesome as you would hope.  An even scarier secret is that the female characters are actually grown men.  This to me is extremely creepy.  The picture above definitely shows the creepiness and non wholesome features of these characters.  (Plus  people dressed up as characters freak me out a lot normally, now I'm scarred for life.)

Cold: Jazzmin Windey

So this past week I went on my honeymoon to none other than Las Vegas.  While in the city of what seems like a billion people, I realized the city is actually very cold and lonely.  There are so many things to do and fun to be had but this is one city that is extremely unforgiving (and steals all of your money haha).  There are so many sad faces all over the city, people young and old who lost their way, and hopefully someday soon they will find it again.