Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Guilt by Josie Lam

Some people don't seem to get the picture, as in some are guilty of being creepy, 
stalkers preying on whoever they see in their site.
( No one was harmed in the making, by the way )

Scavenger Hunt by The Chicks Team

In class, my team and I were sent out with other groups in our class to go venture on with a scavenger hunt my professor had planned for us. I was the base leader giving my group members clues as to what they had to look for.  Such clues were rockstar, used book store, Annie Leibovitz and others that were close by to our school; Denver's 16th Street Mall. This experience was fun, challenging and exciting and we hope to do this again for Web Port II.

Collage by Shandi Kay Jones - one of the members of The Chicks team

Guilt - Josh Chavez

To me this represents guilt. Leather jacket and tight jeans takes me back to the 50s, with all the greasers and their mischief.


BUSTED! As I was going through some of my shots from last weeks shoot, I noticed this one in particular and thought it was hilarious! Although most of the images, this innocent puppy looked adorable and precious, this one caught my attention with much added personality. After looking at lil Barbara, one can definitely put together a story of being caught and feeling guilty for it. Plus its hilarious. 
Happy Tuesday all- 


This is an image I created as a tribute to Hunter S. Thompson. For Jack Nicholson's birthday one year, Hunter wrote in "Kingdom of Fear" about how he wanted to wish Jack a happy birthday so he left a severed pig's head on Jack's doorstep and then fired 10 rounds off in the woods. Jack did not realize this was a joke. He called the cops and locked his daughters in the basement.


Dance was one of my biggest pleasures i love to dance just about as much as i like to do photography. Sence ive been up here my shoes have been in a dark place all by themselfs. I am guilty of neglect to myself and my dance and my shoes.

Drowned in Guilt...

"In psychology, as well as in ordinary language, guilt is an affective state in which one experiences conflict at having done something that one believes one should not have done (or conversely, having not done something one believes one should have done.)"(Wikipedia)

…Sigmund Freud would describes my paralyzing symptoms as the result of a struggle between my ego and superego.


Guilty as Sin - Mike Maez

This capture is of a barbed wire crucifixion taken during Ascension III Fetish Ball in Colorado Springs at the Underground Pub.

The image brings to mind the most well know crucifixion of all time in which an innocent man was found guilty of a crime and put to death.

This willing participant was tied to the cross using barbed wire and then suspended. Though the suspension did not last very long the visual imagery was incredible and something I have not seen in the fetish realm. The most common cross used in kinky play is the St. Andrew's Cross which is an X shape.

The series of images below are also from this scene.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Guilt by M@ Lowery

My Meyer Lemon tree has passed away, sadly. At least I think it has. I tried everything, but it just wasn't to be. Farewell, my sweet smelling friend.

Yeah, I feel guilty about it. I know it's just a tree, but to me everything has personality. It deserved to still be alive, making lemons in California, or something, but instead it lived a short, hard life trying to find what it needed and failing for reasons beyond its control.

Meyer Lemons just aren't supposed to live inside buildings in Denver, Colorado. It's all on me. Damn, I tried.

Guilty in a lot of ways. - @John Spinhirne

What makes me feel guilty? A lot of things make me feel this way, but the biggest thing thing that makes me feel guilty is not making the time to really work with my photography. Allowing other things to get in the way and putting my photography lower in my priority. I love this and I want to make a career out of it, but how does one do it when he sucks at time management. When he can't make the time to really practice, when he allows others to make him feel guilty when he chooses to put himself first. So my biggest guilt is not truely applying myself to my photography, something I am working on changing.

The A-Team Scavenger Hunt

(Josh Chavez)

(Mike Maez)

The A-Team worked this thing. Using mobile texting, email, Facebook, and Flickr the goal was to find and photograph concepts within downtown Denver, relay them back to headquarters, and get them posted before the other two teams.

With a slightly slow start, A-Team pulled ahead and nailed each clue using our unique brand of creativity and loose interpretation. Hell, we’d do anything to get the next clue. And get them we did, finishing first with all clues in the can.

The scouting team worked with the base operator like a well oiled machine, minimizing dead times and search times. Honestly, there was not a single major hang up. The A-Team proved that the system in place was a good one as far as operations.

Our biggest challenge was the turn-around time at the base station, that being a combination of email upload time, email download time, and turn-around time to post on Facebook. We all agree that a more direct approach, where images are uploaded from the field directly to the viewing venue, would be more productive and competitive.

Overall, and ignoring massive video advantages by other teams, the A-Team pushed the most image data for the most non-video related points. We feel that this puts us in the lead because we’re photographers, after all. So, we win.

Go A-Team.

Fantastic Five Scavanger Hunt!!

The hunt was on, well the scavenger hunt. It took a while to get our process figured out but then the pieces fell into place. We got our first clue and headed outside to find our first victim! Or should I say subject. Our first clue was a “5 picture photo story”. Whether you smoke or not outside the second floor entrance seems to be a big hangout for AIC students, so we looked for an interesting story there. We found a lady who rolled her own cigarettes, so we captured her story and emailed the photos into home base. We then sat around and waited for our next clue, wondering where we were in the race.

Finally our next clue came in and we were in first place. YES! Our next clue was “Rock star”. We all looked at each other; we then looked at Laura’s shirt with the rock star Bob Marley on it. We grabbed a Rock Star drink and photographed Laura holding the drink standing on a flight of stairs. We sent in our photograph and waited again. Back in the home base Sarah was receiving our clues, posting them on Facebook, alerting Jill of our progress, and sending us the next clue. We may have been doing the leg work but she played a big part to our success.

Our next clue was “Farm Animal”. Farm animal??? Yeah, we looked at each other with blank looks. A fellow AIC student was walking by and over heard us, reminded us of the animals down by the DAM. We were off again to capture our next clue of Laura getting eaten by the cow. From there we went on to find a used book store, where John and Frank ended up buying a couple books they had been looking for.

We tried locating our fifth clue there, Anne Lebowitz, but none of their photography books had any thing on her. We then headed for the school library, found our clue, sent it in, and received our last clue. The last clue was a group shot with a Denver ICON in it. So off to the 10th floor we went, where we were able to get the shot with the help of a passing by photography student.

Over all the experience was fun, frustrating, and educational. It was fun because we were out with fellow classmates working together on a common goal. Frustrating because it took a bit to figure out the process and the bigger frustration was that we had to wait for our next clue. Not wanting to move to far from where we were so we didn’t have to back track, we sat in the sun a bit. It was also frustrating because none of us thought to bring water and the whole thing really drained the smart phones.

It was educational because we learned few things. We learned that even though the social media network has a lot of power, there are limitations to what you can do with your smart phones. We learned to make sure we have full charges on our phones and that we have our cable to hook them up to computers to down load our videos. We learned more about how to think on our feet and as a team to achieve the same goal. We also learned that even though Social Media is powerful, it still can not handle everything people can throw at it. At least not yet!


Love without guilt, love without doubt

Is guilt as obvious as it seems?