Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Funky: Brittany Paige

Hearing the word "Funky" makes me think of disco balls, crazy lights and fun outfits. I was at the Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas. There is an entire hall way of pillars made out of mirrors with light designs in them. This has the feel of a funky disco to me.


  1. Looks cool, but I feel it needs more text, and still missing labels.

  2. I like the graphic nature of the image, it is captivating in itself. However, I want to see you size it larger for the blog post so people can get more out of the image when initially looking at it from the blog. Lastly I think I agree that it needs more text, I just want to know more about it and what you think about it instead of just a statement about some factoid.

  3. The lines in this images is awesome. I don't just want to follow one path, I want to see what they all lead. I also agree with the above statements, make the image larger so I can have a more in depth experience with where the image will lead and add more text, what was the reason behind taking this picture?