Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Urban (Art Redoux): Benson, David C.

 Ok, Ok, Ok, let's focus on the art of graffiti!

Urban: David C. Benson

Urban aka Urban (Culture) - Urban culture is the culture of towns and cities.  In that culture there is the use of graffiti (i.e. images or lettering scratched, scrawled, painted or marked in any manner on property.)  Graffiti or tagging is now a common expression of the urban artist.  Some believe it is a destruction of property, others appreciate the use of burned out buildings or open concrete spaces as the urban artists canvas.  I appreciated the use of the "Jack-O-Lantern" in this spray painted signature, while driving around downtown Denver on our Halloween holiday.  It was truly appropriate and festive!

Urban: Jason DeWitt

Cities are never constant.  An ever growing population has ever increasing needs so old buildings are destroyed for new.  Populations are spreading in every way: up, down, and out.  If you close your eyes for a second, when you open them, something will be different.

Urban: Berry Oliver

Before the streets are filled with the sound of his guitar and the sound of money landing in his case. The street musician he get's his words of encouragement from his girlfriend who is thankful that there isn't two feet of snow at his feet in October.

Urban: CJ Evans

Rulers of the urban scene, the skateboarders. From the streets to the parks skateboarders know the ends and outs of urban areas. They know the best spots in the city for good cheap food, to the best spots to hide from the police on late night adventures. The Urban scene is their turf, may they forever reign adventurous.

Creepy: Macklberg

Most cats are cute and cuddly, but not all the time. Some cats have that ornery look, some have the come and play with me look and then there is the creepy, I am going to get you look.

Urban: Macklberg

When I was a child the only place that you could find an ice-skating rink was in the mountains, after the lake froze over.  Now you can go ice-skating in the morning and then walk across the street and do your grocery shopping, all in one area.

Urban: AJ Anderson

Before I moved to the city, I lived in a small mountain town out side of Winter Park CO., called Grand Lake. That was a huge adjustment for me, I have always loved the city but I am a small town guy at heart. I feel this image captures both the craziness and beauty of the city. 

Urban: Chris Bebout

 Denver is full of urban buildings, I found Hotel Newhouse epically interesting do too its close location near the Colorado State Capitol with its brightly lit 80's neon sign.

Urban: Jazzmin Windey

I feel that traffic, rules, lights, loud sounds all make up my definition of an urban area.  While I don't mind large cities I could never settle down in one.  I am a very rushed person as it is and don't think I could handle the fast pace of an urban area.  The crazy thing is that during my commute from work and school back home I go through so many different areas.  There are changes in altitude, scenery, even weather but through it all I know that as soon as I get past the lights pictured above I will be back in the quiet setting of my little slice of heaven.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Urban: Jared Williams

City life is something that I’m comfortable with and all around enjoy. I’m a very busy person so I really like the hustle and bustle of people in a hurry. Every once in awhile I do like to slow down and relax. Get out into nature and really appreciate it. I think nature inspires everyone in some way, shape, or form. It may be to conquer it or preserve it. I’m inspired by the color, texture, and flow that nature offers. I take it all in, thank about how I can use it, then bring it together with my personal style and am able to create some really unique shots. Tessa Mendez who’s signed to Natalie Lynn Models has a very unique style that worked perfectly with my vision to contrast the environment in this shot.

Hair and makeup- Marni Buckerfield