Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Complete, Accomplished, Executed, Achieved...Finished. The end is always the beginning...

Josh Chavez - Finished

Usually, before I do a shoot, I visualize what I want my perfect shot to be that I'll get by the end and I can call it a wrap. When doing this shoot, I wanted to get movement of hair, but without having to use a fan. Instead, I had multiple boards all around he model fanning her. When I got the image on the left, I knew that the shot I needed was finished.


To finish- To destroy; kill:
I felt that this picture was appropriate for finish because they look like there about to finish somthing or someone for that matter.

Finished - Mike Maez

A great play session is a wonderful energy exchange and will take a submissive into their head space. An intense session like this requires the dominate to finish off a session with aftercare. It is aftercare which allows the sub to gently ease out of their head space and back to reality. This is when many subs can have a strong emotional release and feel completely drained of energy. It can be an incredible moment of connection between the two.

This image is of Brent, Mr. Leather Colorado 2010, providing aftercare to his sub, Brad, after a sensory play session during a recent demonstration.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Finish / M@ Lowery

Unlike single-malts or single-grains, quality blended Scotch whiskies are all about the finish. A particular finish is obtained by blending whiskies from several regions, building off of individual flavors and profiles. Bold, smooth, and consistent; almost always enjoyed best at the finish of the day.

While I don’t drink Scotch personally, I thought it would be a good way to finish this concept blog. Cheers!

Finished? I hope not!

Finished! As students I think we reach a point of being finished. Finished with our classes, our assignments, our teachers, and our photography. At least for a short time.

Luckly before we reach total burn out like this breaker panel, we get a break. We reset our systems and come back ready for school and then 10 weeks later we feel the same.

In our life and in our photography, we must remember to take breaks and have some fun to replenish our spirits so that we do not reach total burn out. Because in time, like this breaker panel on the side of my house, we will over heat and totally burn out. We will be finished.

Finished by Shandi

I love to read, but I'm always so sad when I'm finished...
I get into the story, I feel connected with the characters
and I'm so sad when I get to the words "The End".

Unless it's a text book, then those two words would
be quite welcome...


"The finished piece"