Monday, April 23, 2012

Funky: Chandler Kim

What is more funky than some fun-keys?! Lately I have been pushing myself to be more conceptual with my work, so when the theme of Funky was chosen I was determined to take the funk to the next level. I associate fun, groovy colors and of course music with the word funk, so incorporating all these elements was important. When I found these great key covers at Urban Outfitters, the idea of Fun-keys came to me! Check out this link Key Cabin to see more clever ways to keep your keys funky fresh!
©Chandler Kim Photography 2012



  1. This definitely seems to be the most "funky" post. I giggled inside when I saw the play on words.

  2. These are pretty sweet keys. This is actually a nice, simple advertisement for these cool keys.

  3. I love the play on words. Your writing is strong, keeps me interested, and I like the link to get some sweet keys! Also, it is really cool that you colored your links at the bottom. Very cool! I think you could have gone a little farther with this image and really finished it off with a funky background. The white seems a little stale and almost unfinished. Try a sweet background like this: