Sunday, April 22, 2012

Funky: Rebekah McDaniel

         Every family should have a pet and one of the most common family pets today are dogs. When it comes to choosing the perfect breed, you can find yourself overwhelmed with hundreds of different choices to choose from. Ranging from small to large, skinny to husky, short hair or long hair, the options are endless. So when it comes to choosing a breed not only do you need to consider your family’s lifestyle, but consider the breeds IQ as well.
  Even though looking at your family’s lifestyle is a good start. Checking the history and behavioral charts for a breeds is also recommended. You want to know if they are easy to train, how much they shed, are they good with kids, and how much energy and attention they need....these are all excellent questions to ask when asking yourself what type of dog is right for you.


  1. Cool processing of the image! It reminds me of a Van Gogh painting. I like your ideas on pet ownership, but you never tie the paragraph in to the 'Funky' theme. You've got some interesting links with some good content. I think you might want to reread what you wrote as your some of your sentences aren't complete.

  2. This photo made me laugh out loud. Stylish, funny, funky, for sure. But the text is uneventful. I think you could have taken it so much further based on the comedic style of your photo.