Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Amanda Jade Corrales- Stereotype

"Thinking of Welch's makes me thristy!" Thinking of Welch's Grape Juice is completely a different story, Thats where this image comes in! This is my "story" of Welch's Customer satisfaction.

"When you put Watermelon in front of a Black man, He's gonna eat it!"- Says Calvin Howard, Male Mode, Alongside Girlfriend, Brittany Sansburn

I had a blast shooting this image with these two wonderful models, having to cut the watermelon with a steak knife and the Watermelon disappearing within seconds I would proclaim this a very successful Photoshoot!

Katelyn Lumpkins- Stereotypes

Who hasn't heard a dumb blonde joke? Kaycee Jones has probably heard a million of them, but it doesn't bother her because she knows she is intelligent, sharp and clever as any other brunette. Why are blondes considered to be attractive yet stupid? Some say blondes can get away with being dense because they can rely solely on their looks and beauty.

It doesn't matter who you are, what race you are, what clothes you wear or music you listen to, everyone is judged and put into a stereotype everyday, there is no avoiding it...so embrace who you really are!


Matt Speck - Stereotypes

This is Sarah she isn’t your typical blonde. Although you would be hard pressed to notice. Sarah is a Geophysicist who graduated from the School of Mines back in 2005 with a degree in Geophysical Engineering and Geophysics. In 2007 she Graduated from the University of Arizona with a Masters in Geosciences. Sarah just recently moved back to Colorado for the first time since gradating school. She was living in Houston, TX and was working for a private oil firm where she was sent to different locations around the world to test new sites as well as gather samples for lab testing.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Hunter Baar-Sterotype

The game of golf is played by taking a club and swinging it at a little ball that is on the ground, the object is to get this ball into a hole hundreds of yards away passing by trees, lakes, sand, hills, and squirrels. It brings much joy to people when they crisply hit the ball to where they want. There is a lot of room for error when playing golf as one can see, the most often remedy for anger is to nicely return your clubs to where they came from the forest, they prefer getting there fast and through the air. Dressing is also a big part of the tridition of golf, dress pants, a collared shirt and golf shoes are required when you play a round. Sean McMechen says that if you catch him playing a round wearing those goofy dress pants ever on the golf course he hopes some one kills him.

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Sean Alexander - Stereotype

In a study by Michael Sunnafrank at the University of Minnesota, a group of college students were documented from the point they first met each other to about nine days. Sunnafrank thought that the first impressions the students had of each other would dilute as they were given more opportunities to get to know each other. The reality was that, regardless of anything new they learned, if the students had a negative or positive first impression then the relationship followed that immediate reaction.

Everything isn't black and white but in a society where we judge instantaneously and then refuse to change that judgement even though we might have similar interests, it's easy to see why stereotypes are a big part of our culture.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Caitlin McBride-Stereotypes

Traveling to places you've never been is so much fun! Unfortunately, you'll always be labeled as a tourist. You just can't avoid the cameras around your neck, maps in your pocket, and that "I heart NY" t-shirt you can't leave without. It's hard to fake it, the locals always know it! These tourists are in Washington, DC on a Segway tour. In this photo, the group is viewing the White House. I thought the tour looked really fun, but I also think it's the ultimate nerdy tourist thing to do :)

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