Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stereotype-Robert Roe

Disclaimer: Even though the photo is my artistic view, it is not my personal view.
Stereotypes come in both positive and negative forms. Usually they are of the latter. Just because an African-American male wears a hoodie and jeans, it does not make him a gang member. This young man who agreed to model for me is actually a graduate from USC with a major in Psychology and a minor in Communications. You can't always make a snap decision on someones looks, race, religion or sexual preference. Get to know someone first and then decide who and what they are.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Devan Dennis - Stereotypes

Tell me who I am,

Everything I’m supposed to be.

Dress me up, paint my face,

Erase everything I dreamed to be.

Label me, judge me,

Never look beyond my appearance -

Admire my mask I wear so well.

Make me your insignificant puppet.

Create me in your image – yours alone.

Make believe I’m everything you think I should be –

A sad, stereotypical girl

Aiming to please.

Devan Dennis - Green

A forest maiden dwells hidden among the trees

A glint of her hair, a flash of her eyes among the leaves,

This is all many can say they have seen.

Nature’s spirit has chosen her,

Shielding her in shadows and glade screens of green.

She is a serene woodland nymph,

A wild masterpiece of the Earth’s creating,

Her surreal nature and song on the wind doth lure many,

Wishing for only a moment to glimpse this elusive beauty.