Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Light: Anthony S. Archuleta

Out of the the norm from my fashion photography, I used this this image which was the location from an underground fashion show that I was invited to. If you can find it in the city, YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!

Light: AMM

I do fashion photography and a beauty shot is a serious test of a photographer's lighting skills. There is no room for error. A model's skin has to look flawless and you can't rely on heavy makeup to accomplish this task. This is a new model who is attempting to get signed. I am hopeful this shot will assist her.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Light : Kelsey Hansen

When I thought of photographing "light"... I thought for quite a while about it. I chose to just shoot a simple light bulb. I'm amazed that a little object like this can fully light a whole room. I decided to just take this bulb and use studio lights to make interesting light and shadows within this photo.

Light: Phillina Martinez

I chose to shoot Holiday lights, but not in the traditional sense. I wanted to make it a bit more interesting by adding a contemporary/abstract feel to the Holiday season.  This is a photo of lights on a Christmas tree.

Light: Christina Kissel

Every year a tradition in my family was to drive around the neighborhoods on Christmas Eve and look at all the lights on the houses, and it is one of my favorite traditions. Now, at my work, our "Winter Wonderland of Lights" on our Miniature Golf course is displayed every year. A different section of the course is assigned to each department and they are responsible for decorating that portion. Our owners come in to judge the course and elect a winning department. To me Christmas lights are so beautiful and taking time out of my day to enjoy their beauty is something I plan to make time for every single year.

Light: Philip Burdette

When I thought about what to do for my next assignment "light" I came up with all the cliché light ideas then I thought what kind of light do you not want to see. I instantly came up with this concept. I live on a really busy road so all I had to do is wait with my camera ready and I would see light soon enough. On the second night a police office pulled a car over right in front of my house. I took this shot right out my front window. It got really exciting watching the cop integrating the driver but he just let him go. Over all it was a exhilarating shoot.

Light: Mike Fabricius

     Light is a tricky, mischievous, and unpredictable beast. It is my duty however as a photographer to go into the wild and capture it, or in this case the studio. Once caged in the studio it is tamed and domesticated.

Light : MacKenzie Carullo

When I think of light I think of the simplest thing. Natural light, Its early morning in Colorado, driving to work everyday I witness an amazing sunrise everyday its different colors and shapes. The matching lines of the  landscape with clouds really caught my attention Making me want to study the landscape further. I plan on doing a series of these with this is a new method of photography that I a m trying out using my phones camera and movement to slightly distort the images giving them a dream like state.

Light: Jeff Sipes

When I think of light I think of an HDR (High Dynamic Range) photograph.  These are photos that are able to have every part of the zone system in the photograph.  The zone system goes from total black to paper white and is what photographers use to decide which aperture and shutter speed they should use to take their photo.
    You might be asking how you make these photos.  All you do is bracket 3-5 photos of the same exact photograph.  One light, one normal, one dark, and you can do two others if you'd like to.  The best software to use is Photomatix to make the HDR image.  http://www.hdrsoft.com/
   Light is everywhere and you can't get away from it.  It lightens up our days and we are surrounded by it at night.  We use it without worry and know that we can't get away from it.  Photographers can use light to their advantages in more ways than any person can possibly think of.  From lighting an apple in the studio to lighting a whole set out on the street, would you know how to light the most simple objects?

LIGHT: Raydene Salinas

After the first wedding I photographed in August, I swore I would never shoot another, and yet here I am. This time I was one of TWO shooters for the day in question. Cameron Dabney was the other shooter and was really great to work with! This seemed like a great way to relieve some of the stress that inevitably comes with a wedding, which apparently happens even when it's not yours! Although stressful, this experience was a lot of fun.

We photographed Meredith, Jared, and the wedding party at a beautiful park in Boulder and had a lot of creative freedom. The reason I chose this shot to represent light is because of the amount that is present through all of the stress of this special day for a fantastic couple. As a photographer, it's wonderful seeing the light in the eyes of all of those a part of the wedding day. Capturing love and the festivities surrounding it is very rewarding.

Thanks to Meredith and Jared for allowing me to be a part of your special day! Congratulations!

Light - Lizzy Flowers

So it took me a lot of tries but I finally got it. The moon in a heart shape! I've tried before but I could never get the middle to match together. To do this I just pointed my telephoto lens straight up towards the sky and  held a long exposure on the moon, and while it dragged I moved the camera in a heart shape. Upon looking at all my other complete failures, I would count this as an udder success! This is the full image, unedited.


Classic - Lizzy Flowers

This is exactly what I imagine when I think of the future street that I'll live in to settle down. It just says "perfect" in every way. It's reminiscent of the sort of care free life I dream of someday living. It's a classic fairy tale sort of life, where the whole world is beautiful and nothing can bring you down.


Light:Cameron Dabney

Perfect lighting makes a perfect photo. This photo has an amazing background and 4 cute girls, but with out the light on their faces the photo would not be nearly as strong. It is amazing what a difference the pop of a Q flash can make on a photo. This is true with most images. The image can have a ton of beautiful things in it but with out lighting the image is weak. I took this photo at my friend Meredith Xepolis's wedding this weekend. Raydene Salinas was the other photographer for the wedding, she also took some amazing photos! We went to a park in Boulder for the wedding party pictures. The sun was not shinning like I wanted it to be so I created my own sun using a Q flash. Light is what makes photography!

Light: Candice Swanson

Light is a beautiful thing when it is going away from us or coming to fill the day with sunshine. In this picture there is a sign of technology with this jet stream but it is lit with wonderful light.