Tuesday, November 15, 2011

First: Williams/Macklberg

New journeys are always exciting. When beginning new ventures, equipment is always the most important aspect to focus on. The most is usually learned with that first purchase and the money always seems to be well spent. It may not always be the best, but it will always be your very first camera.
Writing: Jared Williams Photo: Vicki Macklberg

Creepy Reprise: David C. Benson/AJ Anderson

Lurie, Lurie, Lurie!

Ever since she was a little girl Lurie loved to read books and hang out in the local cemetery.  In fact, she spent so much time there that her parents put up a head stone to honor her.  She did not think it was odd since the cemetery was right behind her house.

It was all fun and candy until Lurie started to bury her dolls in the cemetery, along with her cats.  When her parents said she could no longer do that, they suddenly disappeared.

Now, that is creepy!