Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Seasonal: Lizzy Flowers

Fall is the season of food. Children ravenously devouring candy by the bucketload, collecting, trading for, and hoarding their favorite kinds. Simple people entertaining a simple pleasure in life. In the end all your efforts leading up to and expended that day all end in Sweets. Here are some decoratively embellished themed cupcakes for the season. What a fantastic form of currency!

Seasonal – Candice Swanson

It is that time of year again, when the tractors are running all day and into the night. They are busy harvesting corn, wheat, kicking up dirt and making money for their families. This photograph was taken outside the town of Sidney, Nebraska at sunset.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Seasonal: Christina Kissel

Fall is my favorite season, I love to watch all the trees change and am honestly just awed by the colors nature produces. Driving through the mountains during the fall is something I always make time for in my hectic schedule, not only because it is beautiful, but it's also nice to have time to step back and recognize the beauty we get to experience while living in Colorado. Many Coloradans take the beauty around them for granted on a daily basis, and sometimes myself included, which is why I always make a point to enjoy the fall colors.

Seasonal (Phillina Martinez)

This Photo was shot in Southern Colorado at the Huajatolla (Breast of the Earth) which is at the foot of the Spanish Peaks. While driving I ran into these guys (Wild Turkeys). They were a little hard to capture because they wouldn't allow me to get to close, but I think overall I was able to capture the essence of what the Fall season represents for me. We are coming up on Thanksgiving soon!

Red - Philip Burdette

I started doing this assignment focusing on the color Red and I got a little carried away. I had to use some other colors too.

Seasonal- Philip Burdette

76,000 fans on their feet screaming at the top of their lungs for their favorite team. This has to be the best way to spend a Sunday this Season. Living in Denver you know how many Broncos fans there are out there and how die hard they are. I encourage you to go out and see it for yourself if you haven't done so yet!

SEASONAL: Sharon Arnoldi

When I thought of seasonal, the first thing that came to mind was Halloween.  Halloween costumes are on the forefront of my thoughts these days as I try to concoct what I will wear to the annual neighborhood Halloween party.  I invited one of my favorite portrait clients to come do a fun Halloween portrait.  I think it took more bribing to get the kids to take the costumes off and go home than it did for them to put them on.

The One With - My Addiction. ( MacKenzie C.)

The leaves are changing, the weather is brisk. Early morning dew freezes the windshields. October is in the air. When I think of seasonal the smells and tastes of cinnamon, and pumpkin filter into my mind.

This is the perfection of seasonal. The pumpkins are fresh and it is only sold in all Dairy Queens for two small months. The pumpkin spice Blizzard is fresh, sweet, crunchy and most of all the best pumpkin dish there is.

Seasonal: Cameron Dabney

Fall colors bring big fall leaves and to children, fall brings fun! There is so much joy in this season. Children can play in big piles of leaves raked by their parents in their own backyards, pumpkins are carved, and the sweet tooth of all kids are craving mass amounts of candy. I loved this photo because with out even seeing the faces of these children, you can sense their happiness about something as simple as running into a field filled with wonderful fall leaves.

Seasonal-Jeff Sipes

I drove around this day trying to find the photograph that felt the most seasonal to me.  It's getting to that time of the year when colors change and gets cold.  Leaves fall off the trees and Halloween is coming.  The only thing we are missing now is snow.  In my opinion the two best times of the year are fall and spring.  You don't have too cold weather or too hot.  

SEASONAL: Raydene Salinas

My favorite season is fall, not only because fall colors go best with my skin tone, but also because  these beautiful colors are constantly swirling around us in our environment. Fall is a season that can be appreciated in the city or out in the country. To me, fall represents movement and ethereal beauty. I associate this ethereal beauty with dance, ballet being the most delicate form. I have chosen to show the true beauty of fall by portraying this ballet dancer in the blur of her environment to make the colors of my favorite season come to life. I also feel that fall is the most real of all the seasons, showing us the gradual transformation from life through death and how beautiful that can be. I, too, have chosen to show my photograph in its most real form in hopes that you can see the ethereal beauty that I experience in the fall.

Seasonal: AMM

Nothing says "fall" like tacky Halloween decorations. And nobody does tacky like my parents' neighbors. They have certainly introduced an interesting element to the neighborhood. Pictured below is just one of their many spectacular decorations. We are all looking forward to their incredible sense of style this holiday season!

Seasonal : Kelsey Hansen

The thing that comes to mind automatically when I think of fall is Halloween. The one thing that everyone associates with Halloween is haunted houses and corn mazes. There is nothing to me that is more eerie than a haunted straw maze, when its dark and cold outside. So, when I think of fall... this is what I think of.

Fall: Anthony S. Archuleta

To me, seasonal means fashions, styles, trends, not pumpkins and Santa Claus. Thanks to Lauren Larsen, I created a editorial spread to showcase fall/winter wear.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Colorado is renowned for it's beautiful aspen trees. The Aspen is a common name for tree's of the Salicaceae family. This lake is located in Broomfield. It is one of my favorite places to spend time. A long path circles the lake and is a pleasure to walk around.