Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jacques Badon - Red

When I think of the color red, I think of passion. I wanted to take a photo that conveys the idea of what its like trying to be passionate about something, or even finding something to be passionate about. Sometimes it can be a struggle.

Jacques Badon - Seasons Change

Two weeks ago when the weather started to change, I found a praying mantis trying to get into my house, which could be some sort of metaphor in itself for "seasons change," since its getting cold. I instinctively took macro shots of it, and then I decided to give it a home, since it was probably going to die anyway.

Jacques Badon - Technology

When I think of technology in its most basic form, I think of information and globalization. It's no longer isolated to just 1st and 2nd world, and developing countries... Its everywhere now, and soon it will start to change the way everyone lives.

Lizzy Flowers - Technology

          This Photograph, to me embodies all that is technology. It's smooth, edgy, and is in a contemporary style.  This is the sort of photography that I really want to start perfecting and honing. I think this is a very good start for me! 


Technology: Candice Swanson

Technology is everywhere, even in the middle of cornfields and hay bales. These wind turbines create clean energy for people in Nebraska to use. I see this technology very day out my back door.

Technology-Christina Kissel

Capturing technology in a photograph was a difficult concept for me, I didn't know how to create a photograph that didn't seem like it was just a snapshot a piece of technology. I was in Idaho Springs when I came across this radio station. It is a local radio station that is hosted by volunteers. It was very interesting to see him totally surrounded by computers, microphones and other such equipment. This gentlemen was kind enough to allow me in to see his headquarters and chat with me a bit, for he is a photographer too.

Technology: AMM

I've always loved 'Alien City', otherwise known as the oil refinery in Commerce City. I think it's strangely beautiful. I've photographed it at sunset before, but never before at sunrise. I took this opportunity to do so. I really love the way the sun lights up these structures. It's so magical you can almost forgive them for spilling toxic fumes into our environment...

Information Super Highway

With the invention of the microprocessor and circuit board has come the wonderful creation of the information super highway. A place where all humans can share ideas and interact with each other. The internet doesn't care about your race or background, it is truly the last free frontier. It's changed the way we communicate and live our lives, helping to bring us out of the dark and become connected.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Technology (Phillina Martinez)

Technology can mean many different things, depending on your interpretation. When I shot this photo I was leaving my house to start my day and looked up to see this amazing rainbow! However, I had to look past all the power lines to enjoy this beautiful creation of nature. My depiction of technology: A force that can often distract our minds from the true beauty that surrounds us everyday. My moral of this story, "sometimes we need to stop and smell the roses". I do appreciate technology... I couldn't provide this picture without it.

TECHNOLOGY: Raydene Salinas

Technology. We are surrounded by it in our lives everyday. In the last 10 years we have moved more and more into a technological age. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the knowledge we need to have of a vast number of technological devices. This shot portrays this as the cords that are wrapped around the model's body. I'm sure within the next few years there will be less use for cords, but we will still feel bound by our need for technology. Try as we may, there is no escape. Technology.

Credits: Model: Anna Messinger MUA: Kelly

The one with the Idea - MacKenzie Carullo

 Technology -
Is an idea that is processed, edited, planned and reconstructed, and finally accomplished.

 The idea of a light bulb is icon for an idea. An idea breaths new technology into our systems.

 This is my version of technology.

Technology- Philip Burdette

Technology has helped us in so many ways. When I think of technology I think of all my little gadget and how much I use them. I use Technology every minute of every day. Wether its my phone, camera, car, GPS, computer..... The list goes on forever.

Technology - Sharon Arnoldi

I could probably build you one of these... not that I am proud of that, or that I think it makes me special. Its all just a bunch of transistors, resistors, coils, capacitors (Caps) and wire strung together. I borrowed one of my husbands old projects that was dusty in the closet - no idea what it was or what it will never be. (It was the only one he'd let me photograph without a wrist strap on for ESD protection) I've always thought that circuit cards look like mini towns so I when the subject technology came up, this was the first thing that came to mind. I have a degree in electrical engineering - only because my parents thought that I needed to have a "real" degree, since photography to them was a useless one. Well I have one... and look what I'm doing with it now - photographing circuits.

Technology from the past: Cameron Dabney

When I think of technology, I think about how much it has changed. New things have replaced all of the old things we used to rely on. I find technology from the past so interesting to look at. It has a whole different type of beauty. I took a photo of this old street trolly in San Fransisco. It is not very often that you still see these as a use of transportation. They are so much fun to ride and bring back the good old days!

Technology-Jeff Sipes

My version of technology is based on my opinion that apple is taking over with all the new technology.  This is the 5th generation ipod nano that comes fully loaded with speakers and a video camera.  I decided to put poisonous on the screen because technology is becoming the poison of the future.  Everybody uses it every day for a couple hours to get their information out there.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Technology" "Clint Kaiser"

Shooting at night time is my favorite way of shooting architecture. The Avaya Technology Center is a perfect example of my photographic style.