Monday, April 30, 2012

Time: Kathryn Bronn

Slowing down can be extremely difficult to do.  My schedule is constantly on the verge of overwhelming me, and I am simply feel like there is not enough time to accomplish everything I want to do in my day.  This is the American way at its best.  When I was just out of high school, I spent 18 months overseas—3 months in Northern New Zealand, 3 months in Thailand, 3 months in Spain, just to mention a few.  I was forced to learn the art of slowing down (siesta!) and enjoying a few moments/hours of quiet time.  At first, this drove me absolutely crazy.  People actually take a nap or just lay around for a few hours every day??
Now, several years later, I find this a necessary practice.  At least once a week, or more often if I can manage it, I slip away from the daily grind. It's my “old-fashioned girl routine” as I like to call it, since I am the absolute definition of a girly girl.  I put on a sundress, make some sweet tea in a mason jar, find an old book (oftentimes Pride and Prejudice), get my faded quilt, and find a tree to lay under for a few hours. Sometimes I don’t even read, I just lay on my back and daydream.  I let myself relax and practice the art of doing nothing. I'd say that is time well spent.


  1. This image really interests me because my first instinct is to not like it because I want to see the person as the subject instead of some blades of grass. But then, this made it grab my attention, which I think is successful.

    The only thing is that the actual post feels long to me, though the story is very interesting.

  2. You really captured the essence of time, and I definitely feel the Pride and Prejudice vibe. I love how the select focus is on the blades of grass instead of the woman.
    Great job.