Monday, April 30, 2012

Time: Moriah Gallagher

"For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity." - William Penn
People's entire lives revolve around the concept of time.  
However, how often does anyone think about what they are counting the time towards?  
The true answer is death because humanity still is an evolved species that mainly is concerned with self-preservation.
Though, this makes it ironic that all other species spend their time fearing predators while we are slaves to time.


  1. Moriah,

    I like the concept behind your post and image. It does make people think about things. I want the text to flow a bit more and not seem so fragmented, but the concept and ideas behind it are all there. The image is also great in concept and idea, I think it could be polished a bit too whether in camera or post. I think it just needs to take that extra step toward your concept, push it and really make the viewer connect to the eerie and morbid sense of the image and post!

    Great concept and idea behind the post and image, very well thought out.

  2. I really enjoy the image here, I think it works well as a visual for your William Penn quote. I agree with Justin, the writing is a little choppy and I personally don't think your question can be answered for everyone with that following sentence. Good editorial content though, but maybe leave the question out and just put your opinion down by itself.